Monday, May 23, 2011


So there was a tie for the Healthy Home book...

So the proud owners of the book are~

~ Kirsten Miles she is a new CF Momma she has a lil guy that was just diagnosed. So stop by her blog HERE and give her some LOVE!!! Below is a pic of her and I at Great Strides last Sat. She is already so active in the CF community and determined to make a difference. She found out about the walk the night before and was there with a team and even had cute shirts! Way to go Kirsten!!!

~Whitney Miller a good friend of mine and the proud Mom of to cute boys. She has been trying to detox her house in every way possible. So this book will def help her and give her some new simple tips for a Healthy Home.

Congrats guys!!! Ill contact you so that we can either meet up and I can give the book to you or I can send them to your house.

Hope everyone is having a great Mon.

2 more days til 32ubular :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A lil bit of this and that

Busy being busy!!!

Holy Cow it's May 17 and it is snowing... Ugh I am so ready for it to be warm!

May has ben SO crazy and jam packed full of events, Mother's day, CF events, Great Strides, Graduations, Not to mention May is also CF awareness month and My Birthday Month!! Woop Woop I Love May!!

8 more days and I will be 32ubular :) For those of you that aren't aware I LOVE my bday and every year is a theme this last year I was 31derful! So crazy to think I am going to be 32 but so very AWESOME!! No hiding my age here!! Nothing bugs me more when people say they are 29 when really they are 41 or when they say they are younger then they are. Be proud of your age people!!! Be proud of your wrinkles!!! Every year is a privilege!!! If you are 50 say you are 50, be proud of it not everybody gets to be 50. And for all you botox junkies embrace those wrinkles you earned them each one tells a story. I'm not sure where or when getting older became such a faux pas?!?!

Lilly is stitch free but still has that bald patch on her, it adds even more character. She and Oscar are hilarious. They are seriously the best entertainment, we even played Hide and go seek the other day...too funny!

My friend Sharlie is doing a 30 day challenge where she is including some Healthy Home tips from the Book Healthy Home.

I just started reading it and am loving it, I am doing little steps here and there to make my home more healthy. Follow Shars blog HERE and start making your home a healthy home too. For the first person to visit Shars blog give her a lil comment and take a tip from her suggestions and instill it in your own home I will send you a copy of this book. Make sure to comment back here too and let me know what suggestion you chose and that you visited her blog. Sharlie loves this book so much she sent me a a copy and a couple extra copies to help spread the word, so stay tuned for more ways to receive this awesome book. Who doesn't want a healthier home!?!?!?

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their week and this fabulous month of May!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sofia Levy

This month's Hero of Hope Living with CF, Sofia Levy, age 17, is truly an inspiration to young people her age. Having recently been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis related diabetes, Sofia saw it as an opportunity to reacquaint herself with the CF community and not let it affect her life in any way. Sofia is currently finishing up her last year in high school andapplying to colleges. She has her eye set out on one, but knows she will be happy with whatever university she ends up attending. Having been exposed to medicine all her life, Sofia dreams of becoming a pediatric nurse one day because she knows she can bring a lot of life experience to the profession. Sofia plans on dedicating her life to helping other people and believes her experiences are best suited to that nature.

"Having CF hasn't always been easy for me and I struggled saying it out loud. Now that I am applying to college, I've come to the realization that this is who I am, there is no escaping CF. I was really stressed about going away to college and having a roommate and just living a very out in the open lifestyle. I have come to a point in my life now where I am very comfortable with having CF because this is a huge part of me and will only help people better understand who I am and where I've come from."

To read more about Sofia click HERE

To nominate your hero click HERE

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flat Kylie

This is my cute cousin Kylie she lives in Minnesota her first grade class just read Flat Stanley. In the book Flat Stanley is mailed to a relative to visit them and have adventures.

Flat Kylie was sent to visit me in Utah! We had so much fun… She was on Cloud 9 when I opened up the package and she got to meet me and the  babies.

We hung out and she got to feed the babies, played ball with them and even helped me take them on a walk. The babies and flat Kylie were instant friends.

It was an exciting time for flat Kylie to be in Utah while things were warming up and spring was blooming. She got to climb trees, walk through gardens and look at the BIG mountains. Flat Kylie even got to visit the Easter Bunny while she was in Utah.

We used our imagination a lot and pretended to walk in the clouds, we pretended we flew to Paris and even pretended we were astronauts and went to outer space. We had so much fun together I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Forever in my ♥

I want to thank everyone for ALL the LOVE, messages, support, texts, prayers, thoughts you have shown me and all that knew Tiff over the last week, it means a lot to me. She has touched so many lives and she continues to do so. Tiff's service Saturday was beautiful. It was up in Coalville and the weather was a lil snowy but the day ended so beautifully with the sun shining. I had the honor of speaking at her funeral and know she was there listening, in fact I am certain of it. I stayed pretty strong my voice wavered at times but I got through it, with her help of course. Tiffany definitely lives on in all of us that knew her and through out all of our hearts. Life can be tough at times and it's in those times where it makes you even stronger. I am blessed beyond measure and am so thankful for everyone in my life. Lots and lots of LOVE! Xo

My Tribute to Tiff
This all still seems so surreal to me. I still find myself wanting to send her a text or hear that one of a kind laugh.

Danny, Kate, Lynda, Crystal, Meghan and Tynj’a you’ll be forever in my heart. Tiff Loved you all SO much and Crystal she loved Charly, Chayden and Chandlyr so much she loved being an Aunt and every time she talked about your girls she would light up. She loved all her family and friends and would do anything for anyone no matter what. One of her favorite things to do in life was to give and she gave us way more than she ever knew was possible. She touched so many lives and so many hearts and I believe she will continue to do so.

Tiff was the life of any party she was such a free spirit. She lived life to the fullest, she loved life and always made every breath count. She said her vice was to laugh and boy did she ever. She was always making me laugh even in her hardest times last week she was still cracking jokes.

I am so lucky to have known Tiff and I know that I am a better person because of our 21 years of friendship. We were kindred spirits her and I. We have so many amazing memories and I am sure all of you share some as well, focus on those right now. It’s no surprise to me that thru all the great memories she still is making me laugh and smile.

I have to tell my fav story of Tiff and I …. We were at Primary at the same time with rooms right next to each other, I think we were around age 12. She was doing a oral glucose tolerance test and was sick of getting poked for blood draws, so we decided to hide. They kept calling her over the loud speaker and we were laughing so hard. We ended up down in the cafeteria and some guy came up and asked if I was Tiff I replied with no I am Somer then Tiff said and I am Angela it just rolled off the tip of her tongue. Our nurse eventually caught up with us and we got grounded to our rooms and from each other for the rest of that day. However the nurse didn’t know we had walkie talkies ;) Tiff had to redo her oral glucose tolerance test, which just goes to show she’s always done everything on her own time.

I believe Tiff  LIVED more than anyone could in a whole lifetime in her short 30 years. She LOVED everyone. And now my sweet Tiffer can Breathe. She was a perfect example of our mantra Live,love,Breathe Not only did God get an amazing angel on April  26th but so did all of us. I know she’s smiling down at us right now and sending us her love.

Tiffany I miss you already so much, our late night talks our starbucks runs,  Football season isn’t going to be the same with out our hundreds of texts back and forth during the U games, but I know you will be cheering on the Utes trust me they are going to need some heavenly love ;) I am so glad I got to see you last week and it took all my power not to run in your hospital room and give you the biggest hug ever. One day when we meet again there will be no cross infection and you better prepare yourself for the BIGGEST hug ever.

I am grateful that you are no longer struggling, its just hard to believe you are gone but trust me Tiff you’ll NEVER be forgotten you will live on in all of our hearts. When you crossed that CF finish line you definitely earned your angel wings. You were so strong and so very brave. In your honor Tiff I am staying strong and I promise to continue to fight this fight even harder. I know you will make sure of that! Breathe easy my sweet CF Cyster. Xo infinity

I just LOVE this photo of her thanks Darren for taking it.
photo by Darren McQuade
Tiff is wearing this necklace for eternity