Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Sweet Lil Tiffer

Yesterday was a very sad day for me. I can't believe my sweet Tiff is gone but definitely not forgotten. It all seems so surreal, at 3:46 am yesterday Tiff started breathing easier. She earned her angel wings without a doubt, God got one AMAZING angel yesterday. Breathe Easy Tiff!

Tiffany you LIVED more than anyone could in a whole lifetime in your short 30 years. You LOVED everyone and were always making us laugh, and now my sweet Tiffer you can BREATHE!!! Live, Love, Breathe. Breathe easy my sweet Cyster. I love you so much and am a better person for knowing you. I sure am going to miss my partner in crime. Seems like just yesterday we were grounded to our rooms at Primary, little did that nurse know we had walkie talkies. Or when we both had to have those nose probes in that went down to our stomachs to measure for acid reflux. We walked around like we were aliens with what felt like a permanent booger that wouldn't go away. Or our late night starbucks runs or our ambien crazed moments. In our 21 years of friendship we have so many fabulous memories, and that is what I am focusing on.

I already miss our late night talks and I even went to text you from bucks today. I know you are free from all pain and struggling, for that I am grateful. But I miss your contagious giggle, your smile that could light up a room and your free spirit that was always celebrating each moment of life and let's not for get your ability to always make me laugh even in your hardest times. I woke up this morning at 3:46 am to use the bathroom... A coincidence?!? I think not. I know you will be forever watching over me.

I am trying to stay strong Tiff and I promise to continue to fight this fight even harder. I know you will make sure of that too. Xo infinity

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fresh air!

Well Lills is sick of being cooped up. She keeps bringing me the ball to go out and play but they said to keep her activity to a minimum.

It's so nice today so I decided to put all 3 of our leashes on and get out for a walk. It is a beautiful day out today! I hope you are enjoying your Earth day! We have SO much to be thankful for!! Xo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well I took Lills in for her 4th cancer surgery yesterday... When she got home she was acting a bit like some of Snow Whites lil friends.

She had 3 spots to be removed this time and I caught them all early enough that they didn't have to cut to much out, mostly just punched out the spots. So that was good news, the other good news is she was only sedated. However.....

I brought her home and she was not happy with me in fact she wanted NOTHING to do with me. My heart was so hurt I felt so bad. She was also VERY sleepy when I brought her home. Sleepier then she has ever been before even sleepier then the time she was put all the way under. Needless to say she was out of it staring at the doggy door and staring out the window, I'm guessing it would be something similar to a bad trip, not real sure but I think you get the picture she was dopey sleepy. For all those that want to witness the saddest thing ever definitely press play on these videos.

Today she loves me again and can't get enough of me. She even got jealous this morning of me spending sometime with Oscar. My Lills is back!!! So now today when I watch the videos I may or may not laugh a teeny bit. They are so sad but so funny. The poor girl would not lay down only just sit there and stare into outer space.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's your hero?

A new and even easier way to nominate your CF hero... 

Click here to visit the new online nomination form.

Heroes of Hope are individuals who serve as role models and portray hope to others with CF while proactively maintaining their health. They are motivated to live life to the fullest and do not let the limitations of CF get in their way of pursuing dreams. We all know heroes in the CF community who are deserving of this award, so nominate someone today! What are you waiting for?!?!....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Helpful tips for after admission

Today I was talking to a friend and telling her some things I do after admission that I think help keep me out of the joint. These tips seem to work for me but remember we are all different. So I thought I would share them and blog about it...

~After I get home I start up on Tobi or Cayston even if I am not due to start. I feel it maintains all the hard work the IV drugs just did. Make sure you talk this tip over with your Doc first. It's always good to make sure you guys are both on the same page for a good after admission game plan.

~ I also change out anything that came in contact with mucus membranes... Most likely you had an infection before you went in so no sense of re infecting your self. It can get costly so If getting all new is not an option definitely sterilize what you were using.

*Bar of soap in shower
*O2 tubing
*nasal sprays
* If you do a thera pep or Pep mask or a form of airway clearance that you constantly blow into.
* sinus rinse bottles
*For Infants or young children you might want to replace pacifiers

*ALL pari jets or nebs
*Sheets/pillow cases, towels etc.
*O2 filter
*ALL make up brushes
*For infants or young children Really scrub bottles, nipples, and sippy cups

***helpful hint***
When touching all the old/dirty stuff I always wear gloves

This is all I can think of off the top of my head. Is there any tips that you guys do that we should add to the list? I would love to know!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Showers... ok fine! But snow showers?!?!?! Yesterday I woke up to about a foot of snow. I am ready for spring! We had a tiny glimpse of it but then the snow gods got angry. Boo!

I am on a 8 day treadmill streak and still going strong. I popped a blood vessel a couple weeks ago in my lungs twins and have been working on getting them back in tip top shape. I have also been having to wear more o2 lately so I am hoping the stronger my twins get my sats will go back up too. Life on a leash is very difficult and I know now why I rarely put my babies on a leash.

This post is very random but I am afraid I have writers block now that the subject for my posts isn't made up for me. But I was on such a roll I didn't want to many days to pass before posting again. I hope you all are enjoying your April so far. I can't believe it is almost May :) I swear it was just Dec.