Thursday, November 7, 2019


November 6th, 2019 I swallowed my first dose of Trikafta!!!!! I have felt every emotion, some I didn’t even know existed. We have waited almost 40 1/2 years for this moment! 

Heres to hoping for a prolonged future, the chance to take a deep breath with ease, and ditching this damn leash... a girl can dream and I am dreaming BIG!!! I have really high hopes for this drug. I am putting every single egg in the basket and really it’s because I don’t have any other choice. I think it’s ok to want big changes and to want them instantly. But in reality I think it will take time and my continued hard work and determination. Trikafta has a lifetime of disease and damage to work around and I just have to remind myself of that.

I can’t help but feel excited and nervous, I am hopeful, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to take this drug that I have been waiting my whole life for. It does come with a heavy heart knowing that I have friends who need it now and don’t have it yet, and that I have friends who don’t even have this as an option. I see you guys. I love you guys. I promise you right now that I will NEVER stop fighting until everyone has a chance at something like this! When I say ‘Until It’s Done’, know that I say it with all of you on my mind and in my heart.

Today as I swallow my first dose I will be focused on visualizing a positive outcome with minimal side effects. I want to be able to live fully each day and not just survive. Im envisioning stronger lungs and deeper breaths. 

I swallow this first dose for all who have gone before me, my special angels watching over me that I can’t help but feel had a hand in all of this. For my family and friends and everyone who has gotten me to where I am today. Thank you! This is for all of you! I have to quote my friend Gunnar “I am holding in my hands 30 years of cystic fibrosis research, millions in fundraising, hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours, and tens of billions of dollars of drug development funding. It’s surreal.” I am incredibly grateful! Breathe out Love! Xo❤️