Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A new design

Click here to see all of Lissa's jewelry... the Love to Breathe necks are going like hot cakes lots of people have been buying them for christmas presents. Can you believe it's already that time again???

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My poor lil Lills

Well Today marks one week since my baby girl got hurt :( She hurt herself playing ball but I'm not quite sure how she did it. But she was limping pretty bad so last Mon I took her to the Vet. She had no broken bones so that is good. The doc said it was a soft tissue injury, so she has been taking some puppy motrin and staying calm... Well all you who know Miss Lilly you know she is anything but calm. So I have my furniture all blocked off and we have all of the soccer balls out of reach.  She is getting better tho so I think by Tues I can take her outside again for some light running with the ball but I don't want to over do it. The saddest thing is she doesn't realize she's hurt and she just wants to play ball. This has been a hard week for my babies they haven't been able to play ball at all. Here is some pics of Lills at the vet and all cuddled in bed as the puppy motrin does its job!

Partly cloudy with a chance of showers

Well Sat night we had a fun Halloween party and I spent the majority of the day making my costume. After using all the glue and some double sided sticky tape, it was finally finished. I was partly cloudy with a chance of showers. It was so much fun I sprayed people with my spray bottle throughout the night. I used a ton of glitter all over and I am still finding it everywhere that stuff is horrible I think I will refrain from using it ever again. I went to breakfast with all my friends this morning and they even had glitter all over them. This is probably TMI but when I blew my nose when I got home last night glitter came out :) If i dress up next weekend I am going to have to be something else. By the end of the night the fluff was getting thinner and thinner. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Latest pics of Makena

She's definitely Irish!!
She loves to dress up.... I even put a beauty mark on her
Practicing her model poses
Lost in the corn maze

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Proud Aunt x2 :)

Last night we celebrated Tammy's bday at Ginza their favorite sushi restaurant. Well Tammy gave  a toast and the waiter passed around shots of Sake to everyone. After her toast we all sipped the sake which was actually good to my surprise....  We were all asking what kind it was it was so yummy? Some type of apple she announced that we would have another round because it was apple cider and they are having another baby!!! YAY!!!! I am so excited I am hoping for twins! Here are some pics of the festivities and of course cute Makena in her BIG SISTER shirt! Happy Bday Tammy I hope you had a great day!! Xo

What I believe started it all.....

Sorry Mr Ritchie she is NO Madge...... Good luck!

According to sources, Guy has already moved on from his Material Wife to actress Kelly Reilly, currently starring in the director’s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. (To bad he thought the grass was greener, but I promise Mr Ritchie Kelly is NO Madge!!!)

In addition to reports that Madonna had been physically abusive and Guy had been verbally abusive, the magazine is also stating that three days after announcing their divorce, Ritchie sent his driver to his London home to pick up some belongings, then moved into the Chatham Hotel, where Reilly is staying.

Reilly, a relative unknown in the States, is likely to get a whole lot more exposure, whether she wants it or not. “Hand on heart, I find it a little bit embarrassing. I don’t need to be on the cover of magazines,” the actress once said. Looks like she’s about to get her start with the tabloids

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

I love this dress Makena has to have it!! She would absolutely heart it since her favorite thing is dress up these days!! Click on the link below to see how you could Get this AMAZING DRESS!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Okay the moment you have all been waiting for the unveiling of the babies Halloween costumes. After 2 days of photo shoots we got some pretty great shots lets just hope they wont freak out if I try to get it on them again! Oscar really didn't love the whole dress up idea! Lilly well she didn't love it but she new there was a treat at the end of it so she stuck it out. So here are some pics.......... 

THE LOVE BUGS.... Lilly is a Lady Pug and Oscar is a Bumble Bee!

the cutest Lady Pug EVER!
Poor Osc looks scared and like he's about to take flight. He's SO cute tho!
Oscar is over it he's bustin out already


Ricki is on CSI tonight!!!

Ricki aka TORP is on CSI tonight!! She is the main character that dies in the beginning.... Don't miss it!

Click here to view a trailer of her episode.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorry Madge....

It Is what It Is..........

Madonna and filmmaker Guy Ritchiewill end their marriage after nearly eight years, the couple said in a joint statement Wednesday.

The couple asked the media to "maintain respect for their family at this difficult time," said the statement, e-mailed to The Associated Press by Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's publicist.

A financial settlement has not been agreed by the wealthy couple, who must also decide child custody issues.

I sure hope the media will back off a bit and respect her and her family while they figure everything out!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick Update...

It is cold here... Its not suppose to last but we will see. I held out as long as I could Sat night I finally turned my heater on had the fire going and was sippin some hot chocolate, I could not get warm for the life of me! Sun Morning woke up to a couple inches of snow. Yep Snow!! I could hardly believe it and they babies were not happy at all. 

  • Tanya got out of the Joint today!!! GO T I am so proud of you!!!!! She has been updating her blog with transplant pics so go check it out!

  • The Utes won on Sat!!! Woop Woop!! 7-0 We are undefeated! 

  • Chargers also had a great day on Sun!! Football season is so much fun!

  • Taste is less then a month away and we are sold out!! Which is so exciting !!! We are trying to finalize the program now and everything is going great! 

  • MADGE IS COMING UP TOO!!!! I can't wait to see her concert I have heard nothing but amazing things! She has out done herself once again! 

  • Got my flu shot today!!!!

  • I finally got the babies their halloween costumes they are so CUTE!! Pics will be coming soon!! so stay tuned for those! We had a photo shoot on Sat lets just say it was not as easy as some of our other shoots :) Gramma came over to help!
I think that wraps up what I have been doing lately!

Hope everyone is staying warm!!!!

CF Web Cast

Virtual CF Education Days

Upcoming Web Cast

CF Research: Progress, Hope and Challenges Today

A Live Virtual CF Education Day Web Cast

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

8 p.m. ET
(7 p.m. CT; 6 p.m. MT; 5 p.m. PT)

Click here to register

Join the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for a live 60-minute Web cast and learn the latest in CF research presented at the 22nd Annual North American CF Conference.

Preston Campbell, M.D., executive vice president of the CF Foundation, will give an update about Vertex 770 and 809, Denufosol, and other potential therapies for CF. He will be joined by Robert J. Beall, Ph.D., president and CEO of the CF Foundation, to help answer questions asked by Barbara Allen, an adult with CF, and Laura Homassel, a parent of a child with cystic fibrosis.

About this Web Cast Series

Produced by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, this innovative series of Web casts brings the cystic fibrosis community together in a “Virtual CF Education Day” forum to learn from the experts about living with CF and the latest in CF research.

Each Web cast features different members of the CF healthcare team, or experts in CF research, from across the United States.

The Web cast forum offers an opportunity for questions from the CF community to be answered. This educational tool helps to empower people with CF, families and friends to take an active part in CF care through increased knowledge about the research and the highest quality care.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Update on Tanya

Tanya got the vent out today!!! Yay!! She is on Bi Pap and is satting at 99 on that!!! YAY She is in good spirits and looks great!! I love ya T you look so fabulous!!! We are all so proud of you!!! You can check her blog for updates HERE


WOW WHAT A GAME!!!!! We won 31 -28
I went to the U game with my Dad and Bros we were all matching but Shelby. He claims he doesn't have that shirt but I think he thought it was dumb to all be twinners.

Before the game we went to MaCools (being Irish and all)
My bro Shane and I had field passes we couldn't of picked a better game to have these for! It was so much fun we felt so fancy down there
Our legs with are important passes and our feet on the field
Me looking"important"
Shane looking "important"
We HAD a BLAST! Posing on the field



Celebrating 6-0 GO UTES!!

Just 1 more thing we have in common


This was posted on Madges site.....

August 29, 2008

Stop Smoking, Keep On Singing!

Dear Madonna fans, 
The Material Girl has embarked on her "Sticky & Sweet" Tour and is currently performing live in several European cities. While thousands of you attend the show each and every night, our girl is giving her best to each and everyone of you.
Singing and dancing along with her is a fantastic way to support her, but there's a little something some of you can do to turn the experience into the ultimate one. If you're watching the show from the first front rows, we ask that you please refrain from smoking as it blows up on the stage. 
Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate your help!