Monday, November 21, 2011

Be An Angel....

A Sharlie's Angel!

Many of you may remember my post about Sharlie recieving the great news that she was accepted at Stanford to get a new heart and a new set of lungs. Well if you don't remember you can click here.

Well many of Sharlie's Angels have rallied and helped fundraise for her next BIG miracle. You can check out her fundraising page here. There have been lemonade stands, craft sites, a benefit called Air supply you can read all about those on Sharlie's blog which is titled Sharlie's Angels. I know she feels that everyone in her life is truly an angel but in reality she is our angel. We are all SO blessed and SO lucky to know her and I know she inspires many each day including myself.

I wanted to help out to in some way, so after brainstorming some ideas I came up with an idea to paint a Sharlie's Angels painting. I thought I would auction it off on my blog and all proceeds would go towards Shar's transplant. So below is a close up of the painting and a description...

This painting is titled Sharlie's Angels and it is painted with acrylic paints and on a 16x20 canvas. Here's a close up pic of it....

So the highest bidder will receive this 16x20 painting. You have until Dec 1st to bid, that way I can get it in the mail in case you want to give it as a Christmas gift. Just leave a comment or email mail me at with your bid. I will update this blog post to let you know what the bid is at every day unless the bid remains the same.

I will start the bidding at $100. Good Luck and Happy Bidding! Xo

Bid is now at $500 back to Jason. 2 min left!!!  Bidding will close tomorrow at 5pm Mountain time.

Closed~~~~~ Congrats Jason!!! Thank you for helping Sharlie with her transplant. Consider yourself one of Sharlie's new Angels :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


And people wonder why I am a germ a phobe....

A local newscast did a study on cell phones, they tested two and they both grew out pseudomonas. I wipe mine off every night with the lysol wipes. I also just took my cover off for good! Hopefully I won't be clumsy and drop it.

So make sure you clean your cell phones everyone!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Video Short #3

Treatment Regimens: How CF Treatments Work and Fit into Your Routine

Now online! 

Knowing how your CF treatments work and finding a routine is important in your CF management.  Watch to check out a Video Short where CF patients, experts and caregivers discuss how time management is crucial and how they stay motivated to make their health a priority. 

The video features Ronnie Sharpe, CF patient and author of, and wife Amanda, who are founders of; Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, CF patient, social worker and co-author of The Power of Two: A Twin Triumph of Cystic Fibrosis; Emily Schaller, CF patient and Founder/President of The Rock CF Foundation; LaCrecia Britton, CF Coordinator, RN and CPNP. 

The stories in this third installment of the CF Community Video Short series may help you to better understand how your CF treatments work and how you can fit treatment into your daily schedule.