Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hustle and Bustle

The Holidays are approaching! I can't believe they are right around the corner. I feel bad that I haven't blogged in quite some time... Tis the season to be busy. Its like the North Pole here at my house. I got some fancy idea that all 2011 gifts should and will be handmade. I started in Oct and things are finally getting finished up, I just can't wait to be able to see my counters again.

The air has been so bad here, I am so excited that it is suppose to snow tonight this elephant that has decided to sit on my chest needs to take a hike and with that first snowflake I am sure it will head on out, for a couple days any way. Never thought I would be so excited for snow, I really am dreaming of  a white Christmas. ( ha ha couldn't resist) The bad air is tough but Nothing Henry can't help with tho ;) Ricki and I finally named my O2 Henry over Thanksgiving and of course you have to say it with a English accent ;)

I hope everyone enjoys the Holidays and your time spent with family and friends.

We hope your Holidays are MERRY and BRIGHT!!! 
Somer, Osc & Lills

Monday, November 21, 2011

Be An Angel....

A Sharlie's Angel!

Many of you may remember my post about Sharlie recieving the great news that she was accepted at Stanford to get a new heart and a new set of lungs. Well if you don't remember you can click here.

Well many of Sharlie's Angels have rallied and helped fundraise for her next BIG miracle. You can check out her fundraising page here. There have been lemonade stands, craft sites, a benefit called Air supply you can read all about those on Sharlie's blog which is titled Sharlie's Angels. I know she feels that everyone in her life is truly an angel but in reality she is our angel. We are all SO blessed and SO lucky to know her and I know she inspires many each day including myself.

I wanted to help out to in some way, so after brainstorming some ideas I came up with an idea to paint a Sharlie's Angels painting. I thought I would auction it off on my blog and all proceeds would go towards Shar's transplant. So below is a close up of the painting and a description...

This painting is titled Sharlie's Angels and it is painted with acrylic paints and on a 16x20 canvas. Here's a close up pic of it....

So the highest bidder will receive this 16x20 painting. You have until Dec 1st to bid, that way I can get it in the mail in case you want to give it as a Christmas gift. Just leave a comment or email mail me at somer@lovetobreathe.com with your bid. I will update this blog post to let you know what the bid is at every day unless the bid remains the same.

I will start the bidding at $100. Good Luck and Happy Bidding! Xo

Bid is now at $500 back to Jason. 2 min left!!!  Bidding will close tomorrow at 5pm Mountain time.

Closed~~~~~ Congrats Jason!!! Thank you for helping Sharlie with her transplant. Consider yourself one of Sharlie's new Angels :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


And people wonder why I am a germ a phobe....


A local newscast did a study on cell phones, they tested two and they both grew out pseudomonas. I wipe mine off every night with the lysol wipes. I also just took my cover off for good! Hopefully I won't be clumsy and drop it.

So make sure you clean your cell phones everyone!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Video Short #3

Treatment Regimens: How CF Treatments Work and Fit into Your Routine

Now online! 

Knowing how your CF treatments work and finding a routine is important in your CF management.  Watch http://bit.ly/oVuaFR to check out a Video Short where CF patients, experts and caregivers discuss how time management is crucial and how they stay motivated to make their health a priority. 

The video features Ronnie Sharpe, CF patient and author of RunSickBoyRun.com, and wife Amanda, who are founders of CysticLife.org; Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, CF patient, social worker and co-author of The Power of Two: A Twin Triumph of Cystic Fibrosis; Emily Schaller, CF patient and Founder/President of The Rock CF Foundation; LaCrecia Britton, CF Coordinator, RN and CPNP. 

The stories in this third installment of the CF Community Video Short series may help you to better understand how your CF treatments work and how you can fit treatment into your daily schedule.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Forever my Lil Star!

Again I write with a broken heart... I received some very shocking news last Sat the 22nd. My Lil Cys Astra received her wings. She didn't lose her battle to CF she simply crossed that CF finish line. To me fighting every day and overcoming challenges doesn't qualify you as losing any battle. So I prefer saying she crossed that CF finish line. You think it would get easier for me but it actually just gets harder and harder losing my friends to CF. However, the bond we share is greater than any thing I can describe, I wouldn't change it for the world. I believe it's better to love and lost than not love at all, my Cysters mean the world to me. These hard times give me more drive and fight to kick CFs A**!! Actually CF doesn't stand a chance, you don't mess with my friends!!!

I have no words really, it's so hard to wrap my head around this. I just saw her on the 10th and she looked great and was doing awesome. She had just posted pictures from a Halloween party to face book last week, she was the cutest mad hatter EVER!! She looked great and was loving life. In fact Fri the 21st she was out with her friends til 2:30 am again enjoying life, because that is what she did always. To lose someone so unexpectedly is so shocking and so unreal. Click her to read her obituary

I have known Astra since she was 4, she was my Lil Cys. We hung out and I'd babysit her in the good ol days when we could hang out. Then the dreaded cross infection came into play and we saw each other less but our bond grew even closer through hospital stays and different procedures, good times and bad. I'd go to her drill performances and cheer her on as she danced her lil heart out. Her parents helped me celebrate my 30th bday, we were lifelong friends Cysters!

I know she is breathing easy now and for that I am grateful! She leaves behind quite the Legacy. The last couple days there has been so much love and support from everyone. She touched so many lives in her short 20 years than most people can in a lifetime. She was a gift to all who knew her, I am so lucky to have been her Big Cys.

Knowing Astra and Tiff are up there together makes me smile. I can only imagine the trouble they are getting into. I am honored that Astra is also wearing her Live,Love, Breathe necklace for all eternity, that too made me smile from ear to ear!

I love you Astra SO much, you  forever will be my Lil star! Breathe easy sweet Lil Cys. Know that you lived and loved beyond your years and now you can Breathe! I know you are dancing up there through the clouds!
Xo Infinity!!
Your Big Cys

Below is a pic that my friend and a CF mom Kristal Kennedy did for Astra 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meet Bradley Crown

Find out what journalist and CF patient Bradley Crown uncovers on campus in his illustrated short, Truth or Dare?

Bradley Crown is an aspiring journalist on a mission. He just needs to uncover a big story in order to join the staff of the school’s paper. One night on campus he finds his first break – or maybe it finds him. Bradley is set on getting to the bottom of the mystery, but he also has to manage his CF treatments. Finding the right balance is not always easy. Will Bradley give in to the pressure or will he take control and face his fears?

Visit CFLiving.com to read Bradley’s story and find out how he dares to find the truth, or click here.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

7 year itch

Sad, Sad, Day last Wed I went to flush my Thipple like I do every month. My Thipple for those of you that don't know is my portacath my permanent IV in my chest, hence the name Thipple for third nipple ;)

Well it wouldn't flush.... Surprisingly I was calm. So I pulled the needle and got out another kit and did all the steps over again and inserted another needle, still nothing. Surprisingly still calm too.

So I headed up to the hospital and I figured it just needed some TPA which is what can clear any clots but I have never done this before. So the sweet nurse took out my needle and reinserted another one she missed and went into the tissue... ok not calm any more I had some tears welling up. She insisted it was fine and this sometimes happens so she inserted another needle yes this is poke number 4 but who's counting. Finally she was in but so was I two pokes ago but she was just making sure which I totally understood so she got some saline to go through it and it stung and was VERY uncomfortable. So she called in some back up, they all decided I needed to go to IR to get some pictures and run some dye through it to see what the problem may be because it could be leaking cause it's old. (sigh) Okay more tears welled up, I just kept looking at the ceiling heaven forbid one fall down my cheek ;)

Let me also remind you that I treat my port like it as is fragile as spun glass. I flush it every month I NEVER let them draw blood from it and I always make everyone glove up if they are going to be doing anything that involves my Thipple.

So I headed to IR and right away there were some concerns... gulp! Apparently it moved somehow and instead of the line going straight across my chest it is all wavy and the tip of it is stuck in the vein against the wall of it or in another superficial vein not allowing anything in or out. It's a 1 in a billion chance this can happen but I know 2 others that this has happened too, so I am thinking that figures are a bit off ;) or all 3 of us need to head to Vegas with those odds ;)

So I am sad to report my Thipple is no longer working. RIP!!! I have had it for almost 7 years they say that's a long time and I was hoping for 10 but maybe Thipple #2 can go 10, it's always good to have a goal. I have a clinic visit on the 10th and if I have to be admitted then we will remove and replace it then. If I don't go in then well not sure maybe just remove it for now or wait I guess we will have to discuss all that on the 10th.

The sweet nurse from the infusion clinic called me the next day to see how I was, she really was SO great. I will have to take them cookies or something on the 10th. So thats the story of my Thipple and the 7 year itch ;)

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!


Here's a pic of me and My Thipple 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sting Gone Bad

Day 1 after the lil bastard got me 

 Day 3 I thought it was looking pretty good just some bruising

Day 7 some weird red lines showed up didn't think to much about it

Day 8 woke up to it being red beginning to think this was not normal healing process but it's my first time being stung I had no idea.

Still Day 8 My Doc instructed me to go to the ER fearful it was Cellulitis. Sure enough I was diagnosed with a cellulitis infection and had to be on 2 very strong abx. If it went out of the line I was suppose to head back.

Day 9 I didn't head back because it still hadn't been 24 hours and the abx need at least that to start working so I watched it closely and applied heat to it, all while being bored out of my mind with my leg elevated. Utah beat BYU 54-10 this day so that helped with the healing process I believe ;)

Day 10 getting better there is some neosporin on it so it looks gross

Day 11

Day 12 went and showed my Doc today he said it's on the mend but to keep watching it went back home for my last day of elevation.

Day 13

Day 14

I stopped documenting after day 14, today is day 19 and its SO much better all that's left is a lil bruising and the hole scab where the stinger went in. Let's hope I can go another 32 years without being stung again... GEEZ!!!!!

Good news is it's almost winter where we get a nice lil break from anything black and yellow.
Happy Mon everyone! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CFLiving video short #2

NEW~ Now online! Go check it out!

Living with cystic fibrosis means making time to fit your treatments into your busy schedule. 

Click on this link http://bit.ly/qCFQGQ, and you can check out a Video Short in which CF patients, experts and caregivers discuss the importance of establishing a routine and understanding how your daily treatments work to help keep you healthy. The video features Lisa Greene, certified parent coach, educator, and co-author of Parenting Children with Health Issues; Dr. Foster Cline, child psychiatrist, co-founder of the Love & Logic® Institute and co-author of Parenting Children with Health IssuesAmerica’s Got Talent finalists, Ali and Christina Christensen, and their parents; Kat Quinn East, CF parent and founder of the Blooming Rose Foundation; and Somer Love, an adult with CF and author of the blog, Love to Breathe. The stories in this second installment of the CF Community Video Short series may help you to find new ways to motivate your kids to adhere to their treatments and instill the power of choice.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Buzz worthy


After 32 years of escaping the black and yellow creatures I got stung! You all know my worst fears are bees and spiders, well I went down screaming and in a huge panic. *** Note*** when I say bees this includes wasps, yellow jackets etc. I do think it was more of a wasp that got me considering there was no stinger.

The lil bastard guy was stuck in my leg and I screamed to get him, out lets just say I went into panic mode not knowing if I would be allergic. Apparently tho its the second time you get stung you have to worry about. UGH!!!! I did have a lil bit of a reaction tho so after popping 2 benedryl the site was still red and throbbing. Today 5 days after it is black and blue and under the actual red dot there is a welt. Let's just hope I can go another 32 years without this happening again. Those lil buggers hurt and I am pretty sure I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Below is the pic I took last night it looks much better.

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From Bad to Good

I am sipping on an 8oz glass of cranberry watermelon flavored GoodBelly as I write this...

Ok so a lot of us know about the "Cf Belly" Ugh! My system has been in a funk lately and I am not keen on taking miralax all the time so I try to drink prune juice and I use a probiotic and everything else you could think of under the sun.

Emily Schaller told me about GoodBelly about a month ago and when I first went to the lil health store that I go to it was sold out, I took it being sold out as a good sign. So then I happened to see it in Whole Foods and I gave it a whirl. I LOVE IT!!!!

So I signed up for the 12 day challenge and I am on day 17 :) I am loving this no bloat going twice a day feeling. TMI I know ;) But I challenge you to also give it a whirl I think you will like it not to mention you get amazing coupons when you sign up on www.goodbelly.com And also it tastes great, I have yet to have a gross flavor I have tried mango, cranberry watermelon and the blueberry acai. With flu and cold season our immune systems are going to need all the help they can get and this probiotic drink supports the immune system.

If you give it a whirl let me know what you think about it. I hope all of you had a great Labor day weekend. Fall is in the air and I am excited for a bit cooler temps. Have a great week. Xo

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rolling in the Deep!

Adele!!!! I had plans to go see her last May but for those of you that follow her know she got sick with laryngitis and had to cancel the rest of her tour. I was nervous she might not reschedule but then she did, for Aug 21st. YAY!

She is the cutest thing EVER!!!! I just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home. She had the cutest accent and she interacted with the audience a ton she is just so "real". She could of talked all night I just love a accent, accents make everything sound better just imagine someone reading ingredients to you with a accent.... AMAZING!

The show was AWESOME, she has some fabulous pipes and breathers on her and if it's even possible she sounded better than her cd. She was just on the VMA awards and was so cute every time they showed her in the audience she was just singing a long to whoever was performing. I am so glad I had the chance to see her perform.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kevin Bauereis

The newest Hero of Hope Living with CF, Kevin Bauereis, 28, who has worked hard his entire life, never letting CF get in the way of his dreams. As a testament to his work ethic, Kevin is currently completing his residency in anesthesiology and plans to become a pediatric anesthesiologist because he is passionate about working with kids and giving back. Struggling to accept having CF, Kevin had a hard time coming to terms with his disease and being compliant with his medication as a kid. It wasn't until meeting with his doctor who told him if he wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor, he would have to learn to make his health a priority before helping others.

"Setting goals and working towards your dream is the best thing you can do because it will help you focus on the future. I used to dream about being a doctor all my life and I can now say that through hard work and determination, I accomplished my dream. Not once did I let CF stand in my way. CF should never be an excuse for somebody not reaching their dreams. We may not live a long life but we can live a dream-fulfilled life. No matter how big your dream is, go after it with 100% motivation and effort because if you do, your dreams can come true."

Heroes of Hope™ Living with CF recognizes individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF) who live full and productive lives while managing their healthcare needs. To date, Heroes of Hope has honored more than 70 outstanding individuals with CF around the United States. Heroes of Hope recipients inspire others through their outstanding accomplishments, dedication to health maintenance and contributions to their communities. 

To learn more about Kevin

To nominate your Hero CLICK HERE

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Living IS the dream

Sharlie inspires me each and every day and I know she inspires many. She truly is AMAZING, I am lucky to have her as one of my besties! BCF!!!! I love you Shar SO very much and I agree with your mom " I feel another miracle coming on" Xo infinity!!

Sharlie received great news from Stanford last night!!! She was accepted to be able to receive a Heart/Lung transplant.

CLICK HERE to read her blog post from last night. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she embarks on this new journey.

To be a part of Sharlie's Angels CLICK HERE

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fly by the seat of my pants

Some of the best times are those that are unplanned...

Last Saturday around 4 pm some friends and I decided to get some last minute tickets to go see Tim McGraw which started at 7. Crazy right!??!
We had a BLAST!!!!! So much fun. We just sat on the lawn seats at one of the outdoor venues, it was seriously such a good time! I need to make a point of being more spontaneous!!! I had my cowboy boots on, borrowed my friends hat, packed a o2 tank just in case and we were off. We got our Country on!!


 I have noticed I over use the ! to whomever that may bother... sorry. However, I don't think I am ever going to stop using the ! or in my case never going to stop over using it ;)

Have a great MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Really Aug?!?!?!

Um where did July go? Wow I feel as if this summer is racing by. I am going to guess that I am not alone on this feeling.

I have been slacking on my blog posts. I need to catch up...

~Osc and Lills both had their yearly check ups in July I can't believe they are 6 & 7. All was good with both of them Osc did have a lil ear infection but it has cleared up. I started giving them both a lil bit of plain yogurt daily just to help keep them healthy, dogs need probiotics too ;)

"can we go now?" 

~I had a check up in July and seem to be maintaining. My Fev1 was a 33 which seems to be my new baseline but am hoping I can still blow higher, I guess I always hope to blow higher. What do they say reach for the moon you'll land on the stars? Something like that. Maintaining is key tho and I am doing everything I can and more to keep these twins in tip top shape. I started putting my treadmill at a incline when I walk on it, maybe this will help some it requires more o2 so its doing something! I do find my sugar levels get a lil low (well I am assuming I just get that feeling that they are) after my workout does this happen to anyone else? is that normal? I am not diabetic maybe a lil borderline but aren't all Cfers ;) they did say once I was hypoglycemic so maybe thats what I am feeling.

~Fireworks are finally over thank goodness. They were getting on my nerves a whole month of them is a too much in my opinion, and people were doing them at all hours. Ugh! The babies were not loving it either, they even slept by my bed a couple nights poor lil babies were scared.

Lills loving on her baby doll

~My friend Sharlie is going thru transplant evaluation she has been blogging about her days during the whole process. Click here to follow her blog. Any positive vibes, good ju ju, prayers whatever it is you may have she would greatly appreciate them.

~I discovered a new Ben & Jerrys ice cream flavor. LATE NIGHT SNACK! It is so yummy, it has vanilla bean ice cream with salted carmel swirl with choc covered potato chips. How amazing does that sound?! So far to date I have finished off 3 containers of it so I thought I better take a lil break Ha!

~ I have been swimming twice this summer where I actually have gone in the pool. I did just once last summer and then before that it prob was 4 years or so. It's my lil mermaid McNoodle she can make me do anything. She thought it was pretty cool that I could do a handstand in the pool. She's so cute and getting smarter every day, she is 5 going on 20. I can't believe she starts kindergarten soon, Riv is 2 now and won't say my name for the life of him, he's a stubborn one.

McNoodle wearing my sun hat

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Connect the dots

Ugh!!! I am not a fan of many creepy crawling things. Bees and spiders are my worst fears as most of you may know.

Well this little creature is SO annoying and I think I have had more mosquito bites this summer then the last 5 years put together. Thank you mother nature for all the moisture. I wouldn't consider myself that outdoorsy and I rarely find my self outside during prime biting hours. I can't imagine how it would be for all those that are out in nature a ton... I hope they are using some repellant.

Its one thing to get bit but I seem to be allergic to them and they are very itchy and of course I cannot not itch them and so I itch and then they balloon up. I used repellant one night and was gagging and had to immediately shower it off when I get home, that stuff is lethal.

So basically I am a life sized connect the dots right now. Good times!

Monday, July 18, 2011

An unmade bed may help you breathe easier...

So I saw this the other day on FB and I was so excited to see it. I hardly ever make my bed, maybe its because of all the years that I HAD to make it. I really just don't see the point!! I mean you are just going to get right back in it later, and if you're like me and need that afternoon nap well then thats even more reason not to make your bed.

An unmade bed may help you breathe easier... A study suggests that microscopic dust mites -implicated in some respiratory problems- are less likely to survive in unmade beds; exposure to air dehydrates the creatures. But warmth and moisture trapped in smooth sheets may help dusts mites thrive.

Reason enough for me to probably never make my bed again ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Video Short #1

Cystic Fibrosis Newly Diagnosed: Real-World Lessons on Coping with Your Child’s CF

Now online! Genentech has a new video on the CFLiving.com site that we think will be helpful to the CF community. 

It can be very tough when you first find out your child has CF; you might not even know where to start. Now on http://bit.ly/mGa1uu, you can check out a Video Short where CF parents and experts share their personal journeys and provide tips on what’s worked for them to cope with their child’s CF, from the diagnosis to everyday life. 

The video features: Lisa Greene, certified parent coach and educator; Dr. Foster Cline, child psychiatrist and co-founder of the Love & Logic® Institute; America’s Got Talent finalists, Ali and Christina Christensen, and their parents; Kat Quinn East, CF parent and founder of the Blooming Rose Foundation; and Somer Love, an adult with CF and author of the blog, Love to Breathe. The stories in this first installment of the CF Community Video Short series may be helpful in preparing you and your family for the road ahead.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some words on Wednesday

As your chore list gets longer and longer with things you "HAVE" to do...
Try looking at it as things you "GET" to do.

It might help you check things off the list a lil faster.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer its officially summer as of yesterday. It's getting hotter here, I decided the babies and I are not fans of the heat. All 3 of us over heat to fast ;)

Sharlie~ I was brainstorming ideas to help make a entertaining post for you but I couldn't think of anything. Perhaps you need to download words with friends on the I pad then we can play that. I hope you are feeling better and get out of there soon. Sending you positive and healing thoughts today and everyday! Love ya.... Chat soon! Xo

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The star of the show!

McNoodle had her dance performance, she did SO awesome and was so darling. As soon as she got on stage I yelled GO MCNOODLE!!! She smiled and waved. We went to yogurt after to celebrate her big night. I had to get a pic of her and of course she is such a poser!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Its been nice weather here a lil cold for some people but perfect for me. Basically San Diego weather, which it doesn't get better than that.

Happy Father's Day to all you Daddy's out there.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toni Harris


This month's Hero of Hope Living with CF, Toni Harris, age 48, is an exceptional woman who was diagnosed with CF when she was 39-years-old. Even though she was diagnosed later in life, Toni has an amazing positive attitude and fearless nature, taking on any obstacle that stands in her way. Never allowing CF to get in her way, Toni makes sure she keeps as active as possible and welcomes any sort of adventure that can push her limits. Toni has even developed a list of things she would like to accomplish. The number one goal on her list: Skydiving. I had the pleasure of interviewing Toni over the phone and we could of talked for hours, she is truly amazing and very inspiring

"I live by this motto every day: Live life without expectations. If you live life without setting such high bars, you will never be disappointed.When I wake up, I know I am blessed and when I'm having a bad day, I don't care because I'm still blessed. It is important to keep a positive attitude because it is the biggest determinant of how much we can accomplish. I live my life not allowing people to feel sorry for me because I refuse to be labeled or put into a box. When I'm having a bad week or couple of days, I'll keep to myself.  I want the world to see me as a strong, working, independent woman who is capable of doing everything."
Heroes of Hope™ Living with CF recognizes individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF) who live full and productive lives while managing their healthcare needs. To date, Heroes of Hope has honored more than 70 outstanding individuals with CF around the United States. Heroes of Hope recipients inspire others through their outstanding accomplishments, dedication to health maintenance and contributions to their communities. 

To learn more about Toni, Click HERE

To nominate your hero, Click HERE

Friday, June 3, 2011


Lucky numbers..... Nope ~ Combination of some sort..... Nope

I am officially 32 aka 32ubular!!!! Technically I am 32 and 9 days but who's counting, so far I am loving every second of it!

Today my sweet lil guy is 7!  Holy cow how is that possible?!?!?! Seems like just yesterday he didn't know how to go up the stairs.

And drum roll please.... This is my 500th post!! Which also doesn't seem possible... Crazy!

It's starting to warm up here, this weekend we will have perfect 70-80 degree weather can't wait! Enjoy your weekend everyone!  I'm excited to get the vespa out! Xo

Monday, May 23, 2011


So there was a tie for the Healthy Home book...

So the proud owners of the book are~

~ Kirsten Miles she is a new CF Momma she has a lil guy that was just diagnosed. So stop by her blog HERE and give her some LOVE!!! Below is a pic of her and I at Great Strides last Sat. She is already so active in the CF community and determined to make a difference. She found out about the walk the night before and was there with a team and even had cute shirts! Way to go Kirsten!!!

~Whitney Miller a good friend of mine and the proud Mom of to cute boys. She has been trying to detox her house in every way possible. So this book will def help her and give her some new simple tips for a Healthy Home.

Congrats guys!!! Ill contact you so that we can either meet up and I can give the book to you or I can send them to your house.

Hope everyone is having a great Mon.

2 more days til 32ubular :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A lil bit of this and that

Busy being busy!!!

Holy Cow it's May 17 and it is snowing... Ugh I am so ready for it to be warm!

May has ben SO crazy and jam packed full of events, Mother's day, CF events, Great Strides, Graduations, Not to mention May is also CF awareness month and My Birthday Month!! Woop Woop I Love May!!

8 more days and I will be 32ubular :) For those of you that aren't aware I LOVE my bday and every year is a theme this last year I was 31derful! So crazy to think I am going to be 32 but so very AWESOME!! No hiding my age here!! Nothing bugs me more when people say they are 29 when really they are 41 or when they say they are younger then they are. Be proud of your age people!!! Be proud of your wrinkles!!! Every year is a privilege!!! If you are 50 say you are 50, be proud of it not everybody gets to be 50. And for all you botox junkies embrace those wrinkles you earned them each one tells a story. I'm not sure where or when getting older became such a faux pas?!?!

Lilly is stitch free but still has that bald patch on her, it adds even more character. She and Oscar are hilarious. They are seriously the best entertainment, we even played Hide and go seek the other day...too funny!

My friend Sharlie is doing a 30 day challenge where she is including some Healthy Home tips from the Book Healthy Home.

I just started reading it and am loving it, I am doing little steps here and there to make my home more healthy. Follow Shars blog HERE and start making your home a healthy home too. For the first person to visit Shars blog give her a lil comment and take a tip from her suggestions and instill it in your own home I will send you a copy of this book. Make sure to comment back here too and let me know what suggestion you chose and that you visited her blog. Sharlie loves this book so much she sent me a a copy and a couple extra copies to help spread the word, so stay tuned for more ways to receive this awesome book. Who doesn't want a healthier home!?!?!?

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their week and this fabulous month of May!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sofia Levy

This month's Hero of Hope Living with CF, Sofia Levy, age 17, is truly an inspiration to young people her age. Having recently been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis related diabetes, Sofia saw it as an opportunity to reacquaint herself with the CF community and not let it affect her life in any way. Sofia is currently finishing up her last year in high school andapplying to colleges. She has her eye set out on one, but knows she will be happy with whatever university she ends up attending. Having been exposed to medicine all her life, Sofia dreams of becoming a pediatric nurse one day because she knows she can bring a lot of life experience to the profession. Sofia plans on dedicating her life to helping other people and believes her experiences are best suited to that nature.

"Having CF hasn't always been easy for me and I struggled saying it out loud. Now that I am applying to college, I've come to the realization that this is who I am, there is no escaping CF. I was really stressed about going away to college and having a roommate and just living a very out in the open lifestyle. I have come to a point in my life now where I am very comfortable with having CF because this is a huge part of me and will only help people better understand who I am and where I've come from."

To read more about Sofia click HERE

To nominate your hero click HERE

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flat Kylie

This is my cute cousin Kylie she lives in Minnesota her first grade class just read Flat Stanley. In the book Flat Stanley is mailed to a relative to visit them and have adventures.

Flat Kylie was sent to visit me in Utah! We had so much fun… She was on Cloud 9 when I opened up the package and she got to meet me and the  babies.

We hung out and she got to feed the babies, played ball with them and even helped me take them on a walk. The babies and flat Kylie were instant friends.

It was an exciting time for flat Kylie to be in Utah while things were warming up and spring was blooming. She got to climb trees, walk through gardens and look at the BIG mountains. Flat Kylie even got to visit the Easter Bunny while she was in Utah.

We used our imagination a lot and pretended to walk in the clouds, we pretended we flew to Paris and even pretended we were astronauts and went to outer space. We had so much fun together I hope you enjoy the pictures.