Wednesday, August 21, 2019

30 years ago...

My first grade teacher always used the phrase “patience is a virtue” she repeatedly said this to the class as a whole and the individuals who needed a good reminder. Even tho I may have been too young to really grasp the concept it’s something that stuck with me throughout my life. ⁣
30 years ago cystic fibrosis made headline news when the CF gene was identified by Dr. Lap-Chee Tsui. This was a HUGE discovery and a very pivotal moment in my life. This breakthrough changed genetic research and led to so many new medical advancements across the board. This was the first glimmer of hope for my family that came at a time when we needed it most. This new discovery solidified our fight and fueled our fire to keep moving forward in hopes that a cure would be right around the corner. ⁣
Fast forward to today... we are still very hopeful, we are still fighting, and we are still moving forward. I often whisper to myself “patience is a virtue” Some days my patience is tested, its not easy being patient, especially when you see first hand what this disease is capable of. I can’t help but yearn for that day we make headline news again but this time the headlines read “CURE FOUND”. 

There are amazing things happening right now because of that breakthrough discovery 30 years ago. Today we are closer to a cure than we ever have been before, and for the first time in a long time I am filled with more hope than ever. That hope is the virtue that will continue to fuel my fight as we patiently wait for that sought after cure. 
Breathe out love! Xo❤️