Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some words on Wednesday

As your chore list gets longer and longer with things you "HAVE" to do...
Try looking at it as things you "GET" to do.

It might help you check things off the list a lil faster.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer its officially summer as of yesterday. It's getting hotter here, I decided the babies and I are not fans of the heat. All 3 of us over heat to fast ;)

Sharlie~ I was brainstorming ideas to help make a entertaining post for you but I couldn't think of anything. Perhaps you need to download words with friends on the I pad then we can play that. I hope you are feeling better and get out of there soon. Sending you positive and healing thoughts today and everyday! Love ya.... Chat soon! Xo

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The star of the show!

McNoodle had her dance performance, she did SO awesome and was so darling. As soon as she got on stage I yelled GO MCNOODLE!!! She smiled and waved. We went to yogurt after to celebrate her big night. I had to get a pic of her and of course she is such a poser!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Its been nice weather here a lil cold for some people but perfect for me. Basically San Diego weather, which it doesn't get better than that.

Happy Father's Day to all you Daddy's out there.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toni Harris


This month's Hero of Hope Living with CF, Toni Harris, age 48, is an exceptional woman who was diagnosed with CF when she was 39-years-old. Even though she was diagnosed later in life, Toni has an amazing positive attitude and fearless nature, taking on any obstacle that stands in her way. Never allowing CF to get in her way, Toni makes sure she keeps as active as possible and welcomes any sort of adventure that can push her limits. Toni has even developed a list of things she would like to accomplish. The number one goal on her list: Skydiving. I had the pleasure of interviewing Toni over the phone and we could of talked for hours, she is truly amazing and very inspiring

"I live by this motto every day: Live life without expectations. If you live life without setting such high bars, you will never be disappointed.When I wake up, I know I am blessed and when I'm having a bad day, I don't care because I'm still blessed. It is important to keep a positive attitude because it is the biggest determinant of how much we can accomplish. I live my life not allowing people to feel sorry for me because I refuse to be labeled or put into a box. When I'm having a bad week or couple of days, I'll keep to myself.  I want the world to see me as a strong, working, independent woman who is capable of doing everything."
Heroes of Hope™ Living with CF recognizes individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF) who live full and productive lives while managing their healthcare needs. To date, Heroes of Hope has honored more than 70 outstanding individuals with CF around the United States. Heroes of Hope recipients inspire others through their outstanding accomplishments, dedication to health maintenance and contributions to their communities. 

To learn more about Toni, Click HERE

To nominate your hero, Click HERE

Friday, June 3, 2011


Lucky numbers..... Nope ~ Combination of some sort..... Nope

I am officially 32 aka 32ubular!!!! Technically I am 32 and 9 days but who's counting, so far I am loving every second of it!

Today my sweet lil guy is 7!  Holy cow how is that possible?!?!?! Seems like just yesterday he didn't know how to go up the stairs.

And drum roll please.... This is my 500th post!! Which also doesn't seem possible... Crazy!

It's starting to warm up here, this weekend we will have perfect 70-80 degree weather can't wait! Enjoy your weekend everyone!  I'm excited to get the vespa out! Xo