Monday, March 31, 2008


So today I woke up to the street plow??? There was a ton of snow on the ground!! No wonder the babies weren't overly excited about going out for their morning business. It was just 60 degrees out the other day. 

Looks like the Vespa will still be parked for a bit. I am really in dire need of some NATURAL vitamin D. Looks like I might be AZ bound. 

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Okay so I decided to give this blogging thing a chance. 

My good friend Terri Harbison inspires me every day thru her blog on my "super hero". So I figured I would give it a shot, I have also have found it is a great tool to communicate with family, friends and to the CF community. Last night I posted my first "Test" blog. It wasn't as bad as I was thinking. I am still trying to figure most of it out so be patient.


Woop!! Woop! Its Vespa time

YAY! I cant wait to go riding. Spring is approaching and it's time to bust out the vespa. I am so excited to just ride like the wind!

The battery is all charged and it is ready t go. I have already taken it out once.... I am just waiting for my registration decals to come in the mail any day now.  This season lets see if I can hit the 1,ooo mile mark.