Thursday, June 25, 2009


My BIG lil guy
9lbs 13oz
born June 25 2009 6:17 pm

Makena is a proud BIG sis!! She wore blue hair extensions in honor of her bro today. She has been having SO much fun with Aunt Somer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Madness

grocery store a
piles and piles of laundry
costco, for the freshest blueberries mmmmm
clean up living space
post office a
pay bills a
sanitize pari jets a

so many chores...

~my new daily breakfast is vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries mmmm it is so yummy!

~Wed I get McNoodle, she is staying with me while Tam is in the joint. She goes in Wed night but I bet she doesn't have River til Thurs. I can't wait to see my lil guy

~I think the sky cried it's last cry for a while anyways. It is so pretty here and very green, looks like Ireland.

~Astra's sister updated her blog

ok I am off to clean now. Well maybe after I soak up some sun...

Live, Love, Breathe
(just finished this, guess rain is good for some things)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

She's a Rock*!

Thank you everyone for wearing your Love to Breathe necklaces for Astra. It worked!!!

She had a lobectomy yesterday, she got the right upper lobe removed. It was severely infected and had been causing her a lot of pain and problems. Removing it is going to improve her quality of life and lessen those trips to the joint. 

She did great thru surgery, was off the vent immediately and is already out of ICU! Astra you are a Rock* 

Click here to leave my lil Cys a comment on her blog. I am sure she would love and appreciate the encouraging words as she begins on the road to recovery. 

Bug Crew for Life!!!! Xo

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

some words on Wednesday

"My girls" BFFs
We were playing model when I watched her... She loves my boa
Bffs watching Dora
A rainbow in between rain storms... 
One morning I couldn't find Lills and when I looked outside she was chillaxin soaking up some vitamin D she definitely takes after me

Makenas Dance recital

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here I am

ok... seriously I can't believe I have been on the ignore blogger train.
sorry blogger... I'll be better
not much has been going on the sky has been crying ever day
where is summer?
babies got shaved yesterday.
my nephew should be poppin out soon, probably next week.
his name is going to be River Todd McNeill
still have that dumb, annoying, really bugging the crap out of me chest pain
my cute friend Astra goes in for surgery tomorrow 
everyone please where your Love to Breathe necklaces for her tomorrow
watched Makena the other day she has a new BF her and Lilly are quite the team
she made a fort, only girls allowed no boys poor Oscar 
Oscar got a granola bone tho so I don't think he cared
I still have to post my to be continued Bday pics 
I think the rain makes me unmotivated (note to self- don't move to Seattle)
today it's sunny! so now I am off to get some vitamin D
enjoy your Tues

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bustin out the Bubbly

Can I get a Hip Hip!!!!!


Today I had to blow and I was a teeny bit worried cause I am still having this stupid pain. I feel great other then this pain in my left upper chest. My doc thinks its muscular or a joint issue so I have been taking Motrin 800s and it seems to be subsiding a bit. I just wish it would go away so I can start back up with my Tracy Andersen and my pushups. Anyways back to my exciting news... so today I blew a 35 which is 1 pt up from March! Yahoo!!!! It's not the 42 I keep visualizing but I honestly think I will hit that after the next time I have IV antibiotics whenever that may be. 

But for now I am 15 months out on parole and counting! Which is a 20+ year record for me!! Life is GREAT!!!! No joint for me. I am ecstatic and am off to celebrate!!! Xo

Friday, June 5, 2009

Your chance to win a Yamaha Roadstar

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pics from the BIG Bash (part 1)

Ok I got the pics there is SO many great shots it's hard to choose which pics to post. So I am going to have to turn this into a to be continued post. I love all the photos Chad did such an Amazing job!

My cute cake! 
One of my Banners
My parents built me a shrine here are some of my trophies from back in the day.... the pic below the trophies is of me winning my first one :) I was a lil embarrassed when I saw these were there. 

More of my shrine
The food line... Pizza, wings and edamame
Love My parents!!!! Muah! XOX
Daddys lil girl Xo
BFFS Torp & Beeph
Love my Momma! Xo
The Toast!
My Dad & Joyce

My Mom & John (aka OJ)

TA DA The best performance EVER!
Costume change!
Dancing the night away

keep an eye out for part 2... to be continued ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to my BIG boy!

Wow I can't believe Oscar is 5 today! Seems like just yesterday he fit in the palm of my hand. Osc is such a lil love! He loves his head to be scratched and he loves to cuddle with his momma when Lills allows it. We are headed to the Dog park today and he gets to get special bones. I am sure his grandparents have some treats in store for him too. He has been getting calls and texts and lots of Bday wishes since midnight last night! He loves his bday just like his mom :) He sends you all Pugs & Kisses and lots of snorts and licks!

His first day home... wasn't sure how to do stairs
Such a sweet boy

These were his 4 year old Bday pics
My lil Bumble bee... He gets anxiety a bit poor guy you can see it in his face here
My BIG 5 year old in his new bday outfit! 
Only a face a mom could love! My lil buddy has had such a great day so far... Im going to get him a bone from the butcher. Lills will get one too! They benefit from each others big days can't give one a bone and not the other :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

30 years old and 1 week :)

Ok how great is 30?!?!? 

 I love it! 

I have SO much to blog about this post is just going to skim the surface. I have been waiting to get my photos from the BIG bash from the photographer so I still don't have those but maybe I'll post a couple of mine for a lil teaser :)

My Bday weekend was SO fabulous! My Bffs Ricki and Mariel flew into town Ricki from LA and Mariel from NY. We got to spend lots of quality time together including a spend the night on Sat. I made them dinner and we just talked the night away!!

The BIG bash was everything I hoped it would be!! It was like a wedding but I didn't have to share it :) It was a lil overwhelming and I wish I could of spent more time with everyone but I had to make sure I visited with everyone. I was so thankful almost everyone came there was close to 300 people there! I seriously am SO very lucky I know I always say this but I truly have the best family and friends a girl could ask for! I was SO sad when my Bday ended. My teasers are below... 
From L to R... Ricki,Mariel,Me, Michelle, & Sarah

Ricki & Mariel aka Torp and Beeph surprised me with a lil toast and performance to One singular sensation. It was a tap dance that we all learned when we were 8. They changed into matching outfits and made their cute top hats with my name on it and changed the words for me. 

After the the performance my Dad got up and said a lil toast it was very sweet and he is pretty funny too. There were some tears and lots of laughs! 

From L to R... Wendy,Tara, Me, Jenee & Alisha
My older bro and yes I am in a different dress whats a party without a costume change :)
good thing I had biker shorts on... This is me performing my infamous Billie Jean dance. Ricki and Mariel were dancing right along with me. I sure can't do it as full out as I used to ;)
Ok those are just a few.... Keep on the look out for more great pics to come and a blog about my actual day May 25th! 
Thanks again everyone for ALL the bday wishes and making the 3~0 SO VERY SPECIAL!!