Thursday, June 9, 2016

Be Positive

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them."-Henri Matisse

Every experience we encounter is an experience we can grow and learn from. Its up to you to find the positive and the good from each experience. When we let go of the negative, positive things will start to happen... and I promise you, you will start to see flowers. 

Sometimes taking a step back, and looking at things differently can change your perspective. So when you start to see flowers make sure you take the time to stop and smell them too. Rejoice in the positive and appreciate the true value of every moment... Breathe out Love! Xo❤

Monday, June 6, 2016

Thank Heaven, I'm 37!!

"I wake up every day and think, I'm breathing! It's a good day."-Eve Ensler

I turned 37!!! A number I have waited my whole life to be, this year turning 37 has been so surreal for me, so many emotions surround this number. 


I am 37, ha ha, I have to keep saying it out loud, it's so hard to fathom. You're probably thinking what's the big deal about 37.... Well, from when I can remember, or from when I probably truly grasped the concept 37 was the average life expectancy for CF. So for most of my life I have basically had the number 37 dangling over my head. I'm so grateful for all the medical advancements, and amazing people like you that have recently helped increase this number to 41... I have tried to never let statistics keep me from living my life or dreaming the impossible. I always say keep your hopes high and dreams BIG! 

To actually be turning 37 is so surreal. It is such an accomplishment, and mind blowing at the same time, it comes with a lil bit of anxiety because I made it, now what? What's next? It also comes with a some survival guilt, I have had so many close friends not even make it to 30. I am so very grateful and blessed to be here another year. I really love getting older, it's a privilege denied by way too many. Aging is a gift that I am so very proud of! 

We don't know the whys, we don't the what ifs, all we know is that this very moment is all we have, and that's what we need to celebrate! I know that nothing is worth more than this day, right here.... right now. So for now I celebrate ALL the love and ALL the people that have gotten me this far. They weren't lying when they said it takes a village, and I couldn't be more grateful for everyone that has helped me make it here!! We did it!! 

With ALL my amazing angels watching over me every day I couldn't think of a better theme for this year.... Thank Heaven I'm 37!!! I'm old and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Breathe out Love!! Xo❤