Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Connect the dots

Ugh!!! I am not a fan of many creepy crawling things. Bees and spiders are my worst fears as most of you may know.

Well this little creature is SO annoying and I think I have had more mosquito bites this summer then the last 5 years put together. Thank you mother nature for all the moisture. I wouldn't consider myself that outdoorsy and I rarely find my self outside during prime biting hours. I can't imagine how it would be for all those that are out in nature a ton... I hope they are using some repellant.

Its one thing to get bit but I seem to be allergic to them and they are very itchy and of course I cannot not itch them and so I itch and then they balloon up. I used repellant one night and was gagging and had to immediately shower it off when I get home, that stuff is lethal.

So basically I am a life sized connect the dots right now. Good times!

Monday, July 18, 2011

An unmade bed may help you breathe easier...

So I saw this the other day on FB and I was so excited to see it. I hardly ever make my bed, maybe its because of all the years that I HAD to make it. I really just don't see the point!! I mean you are just going to get right back in it later, and if you're like me and need that afternoon nap well then thats even more reason not to make your bed.

An unmade bed may help you breathe easier... A study suggests that microscopic dust mites -implicated in some respiratory problems- are less likely to survive in unmade beds; exposure to air dehydrates the creatures. But warmth and moisture trapped in smooth sheets may help dusts mites thrive.

Reason enough for me to probably never make my bed again ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Video Short #1

Cystic Fibrosis Newly Diagnosed: Real-World Lessons on Coping with Your Child’s CF

Now online! Genentech has a new video on the CFLiving.com site that we think will be helpful to the CF community. 

It can be very tough when you first find out your child has CF; you might not even know where to start. Now on http://bit.ly/mGa1uu, you can check out a Video Short where CF parents and experts share their personal journeys and provide tips on what’s worked for them to cope with their child’s CF, from the diagnosis to everyday life. 

The video features: Lisa Greene, certified parent coach and educator; Dr. Foster Cline, child psychiatrist and co-founder of the Love & Logic® Institute; America’s Got Talent finalists, Ali and Christina Christensen, and their parents; Kat Quinn East, CF parent and founder of the Blooming Rose Foundation; and Somer Love, an adult with CF and author of the blog, Love to Breathe. The stories in this first installment of the CF Community Video Short series may be helpful in preparing you and your family for the road ahead.