Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here I am

ok... seriously I can't believe I have been on the ignore blogger train.
sorry blogger... I'll be better
not much has been going on the sky has been crying ever day
where is summer?
babies got shaved yesterday.
my nephew should be poppin out soon, probably next week.
his name is going to be River Todd McNeill
still have that dumb, annoying, really bugging the crap out of me chest pain
my cute friend Astra goes in for surgery tomorrow 
everyone please where your Love to Breathe necklaces for her tomorrow
watched Makena the other day she has a new BF her and Lilly are quite the team
she made a fort, only girls allowed no boys poor Oscar 
Oscar got a granola bone tho so I don't think he cared
I still have to post my to be continued Bday pics 
I think the rain makes me unmotivated (note to self- don't move to Seattle)
today it's sunny! so now I am off to get some vitamin D
enjoy your Tues


Christy said...

Waiting for pics... :)

Did I tell you I got a "Love to Breathe" necklace for my friend who had a double lung/liver tx? She loves it.

Kellee said...

Slime needs to have another hair cut too!

And I have not been a good blogger either!!! I dont know what happend??

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

Willow just has a Leg shaved...LOL ( when she had her surgery a few weeks ago) but now that the summer heat is coming that is a good idea!
I wear my Necklace 24-7 and I will think of Astra tomorrow~

Not sure if you got my Txt the other day...I got a new Blackberry and it only will send txt to certain people.. :( strange?

Erin said...

Boston only sees rain these days either. I have NO idea how people survive in Seattle!

Mistie said...

good to hear from you. Love ya gsb
Amen on no more rain. Enough already. Seriously.

Unknown said...

Booo for rainy days. Move to Arizona!!!!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Welcome back!! Have fun in the sun!