Monday, March 31, 2008


So today I woke up to the street plow??? There was a ton of snow on the ground!! No wonder the babies weren't overly excited about going out for their morning business. It was just 60 degrees out the other day. 

Looks like the Vespa will still be parked for a bit. I am really in dire need of some NATURAL vitamin D. Looks like I might be AZ bound. 


Cara said...

YAY! Welcome to blog world, Somer!

Is that Lily in the snow? What an adorable picture!

OceanDesert said...

Hi Somer! That is so weird.. I commented on your blog, but it didn't post! I think I forgot to do the word verification thingy... argh! Anyways, what I said was, I loved your portcath comment back to that guy!! That is awesome! And thanks for the comment on my blog and sending me a friend request!.. Nice to meetcha!

dad said...
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dad said...

What a great BLOG you've got going. Its full of information for everyone. Does Shane or Shelby have one?