Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Pattys Day!!!

The Blarney Castle is near Cork Ireland, I went there with my family when I was 13. I climbed to the very top and kissed the stone upside down. I now have the gift of gab or eloquence whatever you prefer. Here are some of my pics from that trip.

For over 200 years, world statesmen, literary giants, and legends of the silver screen have joined the millions of pilgrims climbing the steps to kiss the Blarney Stone and gain the gift of eloquence. Its powers are unquestioned but its story still creates debate.
Me kissing the stone (gotta love my outfit, obviously I had no germ issues when I was lil)

If I had the chance to kiss it today there is no way!!! Supposedly the locals pee on it at night and not to mention think how many lips have been on that. YUCK!!! I can guarantee they don't sanitize it. 

My family had the chance to go back to Ireland for St. Patty's Day 2002. It was right after we had the Olympics in Utah and my Dad went around and collected 12 green Olympic Jackets off the volunteers bodies so that we could all wear them on our trip. There was 12 of us all in the same coat they thought we were a pretty big deal over there :) Below are pics from that trip...

Me on the Big day in a lil cafe by our hotel
My Bro Shane at the Guinness factory! 
Im on a double decker bus getting a tour of Dublin
I loved the all the front doors in Ireland 
Well I told you a lil about my St Patty's day 2007... I had planned this HUGE trip to Ireland with my friend and my Dad was telling everyone about the great deal we found and more and more people wanted to go. So about 20 of my family and friends were all set to go. Well the weekend before the big trip I got really sick. I tried to manage it with oral abx but it was a horrible strain of the flu and it kicked my butt. I ordered O2 for the plane because I was getting so nervous and knew I felt so bad but after 3 days on Abx I wasn't getting any better. So the day we were suppose to leave my family and friends left for the airport and My mom took me up to "My Ireland". I was SO bummed and I told my mom I didn't want any decorations knowing the theme would be St Pattys Day. Well she had already had bags of decorations ready to go knowing that I was gong to end up there and not on that plane. So she decorated and there was green everywhere. My fam called me or should I say DD'd me often, they had a great time. I wish I could of gone, but I was so sick I am glad I made the decision I did. So plans were in the works for something great for St Pattys Day 2008 but I ended up in "My Ireland" again. I am so glad this year to be out of the joint :) on my second favorite holiday! 

Here is some of the group that went in 2007. This pic was in their hotel lobby.
Here is me in "My Ireland" love my Shamrock glasses

This was Oscs first St Pattys Day. I use to buy him shirts for all the holidays he really hated it!

My Lil Irish boy
Everyone Loves an Irish girl!

Don't forget to wear your green! Xo 


Formerly known as Frau said...

Great pictures and memories. Thank god you are not in the joint this St. Patty's day! It's weird no one is celebrating here in Germany..not a shamrock to be found. But I'm wearing my green and have the house decorated.Happy St. Pattys

Heidi said...

I am so jealous that you have been to Ireland! My grandmother was 100% Irish, and I wish I had asked more about her heritage. A bunch of family members went to Ireland 2 summers ago. It was too expensive for us at the time, but my husband has Irish heritage too. We will make it one day!

Cara said...

Happy St. Patty's day, Somer, from one Irish girl to another!! :)

Unknown said...

Happy St Patty's Day darling! Love the pics! I am so glad we got reconnected!!! Hope you have a great day!

Sharlie Kaltenbach said...

That story always makes me so sad! I love your attitude about it though and I LOVE that your mom decorated your room!! Happy St. Patty's Day free girl...CELEBRATE!! love you, your cysta shar

Carrie said...

Wow..you always have the most interesting stories to tell!! That is pretty gross about kissing that stone!! Anyway Happy St. Pattys Day to you!!

Erin said...

Hey Cuz. We missed you so much that year!!! But would walk around thinking about you lots! And of course we called you and sent you text messages!! I'm glad you got to celebrate out of the joint this year (and have stayed out for an entire year!), because it really is one of the most fabulous days around! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter, Savannah w/CF, has spent EVERY holiday large and small at the hospital one time or another. We too take decorations to decorate not only the room but her iv pole as well. For St. Patrick's we did the pot of gold theme including her door.
The nurses get a kick out of her.

Take Care,
Julie (Savannah's Mom)

Amy said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!!

My grandparents got to kiss the Blarney Stone. I think I would venture to kiss it, but with a glove over my mouth LOL