Sunday, August 22, 2010

watch out world... a new STAR!

McNoodle cracks me up! I love our daily phone chats... longest one so far 40 min.

Here our some Makenisms that I just think are adorable,

While playing vet she was the vet and I was the customer and she takes a look at our x ray machine and says "just as I expected..."
When she takes the stuffed animals temperatures she always says "O my gosh it' 18 50 hundred" that is a bad temp for sure ;)

If you ask her a question and she doesn't know she says, "I do NOT (as her eyes get real big) Know" or if you ask her if she wants to do something she says "sure" instead of yes... too funny

When she calls me since Lills' surgery she always asks "is Lilly doing better?" then she says whatcha ya doin? She calls voice mails e mails and when she leaves me messages she says Why are you not answering maybe your eating breakfast or doing chores. We always finish our convo with the I love you the most NO I love you the most game! I just love her....

She loves playing princesses, vet, and can't get enough of her fav cousins Oscar and Lilly and is hoping that one she turns 5 she can be the proud owner of a pug! I am not sure her parents are to keen on the idea.

And her new favorite song is California girls by Katy Perry.
Good thing she doesn't know all the words ;)


Mistie said...

i love her! she cracks me up. kids that age are the best! Always say the greatest things!

Formerly known as Frau said...

She is a cutie!

The Halls said...

She sings that so cute. She's lucky to have you. She sure is a sweetheart.