Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Lil Spring Cleaning

Holy Cow I can't believe it's been over a month since I have posted on here. Can you say Slacker!!! Sorry Blog Land!

Well after a great run (17 months) I was admitted into the joint, the theme was "SPRING".

As you can remember I am thippless so it definitely made this stay a lil interesting. Let's just say at the end of the 2 weeks I was missing my Thipple (portacath). I thought maybe just maybe my arm veins would of had a chance to heal on their nice 7 year break of no piccs. I was banking on just getting a Picc, but no such luck.  My veins are horrible and I am not quite ready yet to get something permanent again. So I felt like I was 8 again as I went with peripheral IV's the whole time. Total stay 5 pokes and 4 IV's total, not to bad!

IV #1

The Fam came up Riv and Makena had a blast on my bed going up and down, They loved the large elevator and the revolving door too. It was better than Disneyland I think they said ;)

I was quite colorful after this stay 

My mom playing Draw Something

My IV bag that goes everywhere with me connected to it 24/7 my fancy arm bracelet and my lil reminder that Astra was watching out for me. Between her and Tiff I was taken care of I was in the last room Tiff was in Im sure she planned that. I am glad she didn't pull any funny Business... considering I was there for April Fool's ;)

My bam bam doo! I pretty much wore my hair like this every day... lookin good ;)

Had Madonna's new album on repeat the entire time.... Love it!

GNO joint style! SO MUCH FUN!!! Cards Sushi and GREAT company! 

SPRING theme!!! Loved this theme Good job Momma

blowing smoke rings! Its a true talent ;)

The day I got home left Fake spring to Real Spring! 

Its amazing how you can do nothing for 2 weeks but yet you get home you are so exhausted. This  makes the transition from joint life to real life a bit overwhelming. Hopefully I can go another 17 months or so before I have to do it again.

Thank you everyone that made this stay a great one.... my fabulous Docs, my amazing nurses, The best  family and friends EVER you guys are ALL AMAZING!!! Thank you! Xo


cindy baldwin said...

I am always super exhausted after IVs! I hope that you are feeling a little more yourself now. I'm impressed that you made it through the 2 weeks with only 4 peripherals, wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you can have another good long healthy run. I can't believe either that you did the whole thing on peripherals!

Megan said...

I agree with Cindy! Being in the hospital is EXHAUSTING! I hope you get all your energy back soon! :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Glad your home and hoping it's a long time before your back in the joint! At least you make the best of it! Loved the Spring decorations! Have a fun time in the real spring!

Erin said...

Awww, my little cousin, blowing smoke rings. I'm so proud :)

Glad you busted out! Love you!