Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I can "Taste" it!! A cure is SO close

Taste of Utah was last weekend what an incredible successful evening. Thank you to ALL involved. We are so close but we are not there yet. It's events like this and all involved who are going to help make CF stand for CURE FOUND! 

I'm not sure of totals yet, but I know we raised a ton of money for CF. Which equals more tomorrows for me and all my CF friends. 

I had the pleasure of being the ambassador with CF for the evening and ha the chance to speak. 

"This is your chance guys your chance to add tomorrows to so many lives. We will do great things with those tomorrows, we just need the chance. I promise you we won't let you down." That was the last line of my speech.... It's a promise I attend to keep. 

Here are some pics from the evening it's not letting my post videos so Ill try doing that again later. 

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Mistie said...

Love it all. Love you too! Love your passion. I know the cure is coming soon. I am Happy taste was a success!!!