Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Birthday BC

Happy Birthday to this amazing woman.... 

It takes a village to maintain CF and I can't imagine growing up without her advice and expertise. I am blessed to call Barbara Chatfield aka "BC" a friend, not only is she a great friend but she was my pediatric CF Doc. I'm pretty sure I am responsible for a gray hair or two... Ha Ha!! I mean, she did have to put up with me throughout my teenage years. She deserves an award for that alone, so naturally in November of 2009 she was awarded the Love To Breathe® Award. 

"They say you have never really lived until you have done something for someone that can never repay you" and this quote couldn't be more true, I truly believe she is one of the many reasons why I, and I am sure many others are still here today. Happy Birthday BC! I hope your day is absolutely wonderful! 
Breathe out Love! Xo❤️  



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