Wednesday, August 20, 2008

$5 coupon books

If you haven't gone to your local Jiffy Lube yet do it today!!!! Coupon books are $5 and proceeds will go towards finding that sought after cure for CF.

If you live in Utah you may have heard the radio spot that is running right now click on the link below to hear it.


Lissa said...

You sound very fancy on the radio

Mistie said...

I can't open it up on my madres computer....i'll try again later. I will stop by a jiffylube this week and buy my coupon book!!!
And i am so happy you blew such good numbers!!! YAYY!

Unknown said...

There is another coupon going around for $10 off at Jiffy Lube, try using code CF10 when you purchase your coupon book.