Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tagged 1st word that comes to mind

So my cute friend T is in the joint and she is bored so she keeps tagging me thru e mail so I am posting them on my blog. You can only type ONE Word! Not as easy as you might think. Now copy, change the answers to suit you and pass it on.

It's really hard to only use one-word answers and put what ever comes to your mind first. Enjoy!

 1. Where is your cell phone?  bedroom

2. Your significant other?  hmmmm

3. Your hair?  blonde

 4. Your mother? Amazing 
 5. Your father? 

  6. Your favorite thing?  babies (as in my pugs)
 7. Your dream last night? 

 8. Your favorite drink?  apricot

 9. Your dream/goal? Madonna
10.The room you're in? bedroom

11. Your ex? friend
12. Your fear? 

 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  earth

14 Where were you last night? Canyon

 15. What you're not? Mean
 16. Muffins? 

  17. One of your wish list items? Madonna

 18. Where you grew up?  Sandy

  19. The last thing you did? meds

  20. What are you wearing?  clothes

  21. Your favorite TV?  TIVO

 22. Your pets? PUGS
 23. Your computer?  MAC

  24. Your life? best

25. Your mood?  happy

 26. Missing someone? TORP 

 27.  Your car? Silver
 28. Something you're not wearing? anklet
 29. Favorite Store? 
 30 . Your summer?  Somer

 31. Like someone? everyone
 32 . Your favorite color?  pink
  33.When is the last time you laughed? today

 34. Last time you cried? months
 35. Who will/would re-post this? 
37. Bath or shower? Shower
 38. Holiday? 

 39. Writing utensil?  sharpie
 40. Vacation activity? 
 41. Bedding preference? cozy

 42. Pet peeves?   annoying
43. Cookies?  
4. Eggs? boiled

 45. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day? sing
 46. Your biggest strength?  Love

 47. Favorite thing about school?  Art

48. Most awesome gift received?  Life
 49. Neighbors? friends
 50. What do you collect? handbags

 51. Oldest kept item from childhood? memories

52. Greatest indulgence?  starbucks
 53. Your house? favorite
 54. Fruits or vegetables? both

 55. Quiet or loud? medium

Ok Now I tag.... Cara (again to pass the time), Leese ( since you responded so fast to the other one) Brooke, Natalie (Crazy Monkey House), GSB, Holly & Nat..... Have fun!!

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♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

I love these....I will do this one in the morning.....