Sunday, September 7, 2008

When I blow dry my hair

The babies do so many quirky things that always seem to make me laugh so I thought I would start posting some of them. 

When I am getting ready Oscar can be anywhere in the house usually sound asleep in his bed but as soon as I turn on my blow dryer he assumes position between my feet. I can't really figure it out why but without fail every time the blowdryer turns on he comes running in and lays down between my feet. I am not sure if he loves the sound or if he is on guard ready to protect me??? Lilly is the complete opposite she loves to watch me get ready and she will be sitting there the whole time but as soon as the blowdryer goes on she is out of there.

This morning I had my phone on the counter so I thought I would take a couple pics of Osc....

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♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

haha...Belle does that very same thing! Not sure why but she has done that since she was a puppy. as soon as she hears me turn on my drier she runs tight in and plops herself right between my feet!

I got me new necklace in! Love them both~

Thanks on my Blog comment...I got the link from yours...I liked your new template so much I thought I'd check out that site...Change is good!