Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things About Me!

This was a TAG on Facebook so I thought I would post it here too! If you want to play along... DO IT! It was kind of fun to fill out! I won't tag certain people though I feel there is just to much pressure that comes along with a tag Cara your friends are on to something ;) Have a great Wed... It is snowing here so a lil bit of a bummer but that means more clean air and I'll take it!

1~ I have the most AMAZING parents, family and friends a girl could have!!! I am SO lucky!
2~I am going to be 30 May 25th and can hardly wait and will be celebrating every month on the 25th until the BIG day. 
3~My Older bro and I are Irish Twins we are 13 months apart… They say I was a mistake Ha!
4~Oscar and Lilly are Brother and Sister in real life same birth parents they are a litter apart, they are Irish twins too!
5~I am more than likely to give you a nick name! I love to do that and they usually stick… I myself have many; Need, Somie,Somers,Som,DIK to name a few.
6~ I have been Bunjee jumping
7~I will meet and get to know Madge one day
8~ I went to the Oscar’s with my dad the year Titanic won
9~I am the best Aunt in the world and have another niece or nephew on the way!
1o~I have seen 4 of Madonnas tours live… But seen her perform 6 times total. The best was her friends and family show for her Confessions tour in 06… Thanks TORP
11~My dogs have a better life than some kids in this world, they each have 3 of their very own blankets and Lillys baby dolls are from build a bear, she snuggles them at night and can’t sleep without them. They eat twice a day around the same time both meals. They get treats from their grandparents every time they come over. 
12~I ride like the wind on my Vespa
13~I get locked up in the joint on a regular basis. Knock on wood I have been on parole for quite some time now.
14~ My favorite holidays are My Bday, St.Pattys Day, Christmas, LOVE day(valentines)
15~I am honest, sometimes to honest and have pulled myself over before and ended up getting a warning for entering carpool only lane… remember I pulled myself over he would of never noticed…. 
16~I don’t watch tv, not even in the joint
17~It is hard to sit through movies, I start thinking of other things I could be doing
18~ I have my own personal huka! With the flavors albuterol,pulmozyme,TOBI and pulmicort :)
19~I have been to the Motherland (Ireland) and stayed in a castle on 2 different occasions. Kissed the Blarney Stone and now have the gift of gab! Missed Ireland 2007 tho, damn flu landed me in the joint they day we left but Elle and the Fam had fun! I appreciated their drunken calls ;) It was St Pattys day after all!!
20~I have a tattoo on my ankle, got it with my mom when I was 17. Can’t wait to get another one on my wrist.
21~I miss 555 front St! I LOVE SD!!!
22~Cried when I found out they crushed my wisdom teeth…. how was I going to get them to the tooth fairy so my dad tried to retrieve them from the doc and yes I was in highschool
23~I can’t sing or carry a tune but Doesn’t mean I don’t like to perform… I love my tap shoes!
24~I think smoking is selfish and can’t believe people do it??? They just recalled peanut butter cause it might kill you well why don't they recall cigarettes they will kill you!!!
25~I love cupcakes and candy but hate chocolate and cookies
One for good measure...
26~I LOVE PURELL!!! Just got a 2 liter bottle from costco! I have 12 oz bottles in ever room in my house and lil bottles in my car, coat pockets and handbag. Let me know if you need some!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Love the list being a germ freak..when we were in Ireland I kissed the Blarney Stone too Chatty Kathy was born! Have you ever heard the folklore that the Irish get drunk and piss on it at night! God I hope thats not true I hand santized my mouth after i kissed it did you?

OceanDesert said...

That's so cool that you went to the Oscars!!! You should blog about that or post pics around Oscar time this year!!!

Genevieve said...

That carpool part was priceless! How funny.

Carrie said...

Call me slow...but at first I really thought you were talking about jail when you referred to being locked up in the

Those 25 things are really have done some neat things.

I like your idea of getting Sawyer a cupcake from he would love it! And so would I...ha!

Alicia said...

#8 is so cool! How did you (or your dad) get to go!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

haha I love these I did one a while back on 100 things about me. this is a good way to learn new things about each other!

Mistie said...

Loved reading about you. And hey- you forgot your nickname GSB!!! I know you were thinking it though! I agree with the smoking recall. And i love that your dogs have Build a Bear dolls.
Love ya GSB! Glad the air is treating you better too...