Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All in a 24 hour time frame

Well I had a pretty good weekend until Sun at 2:15 pm 

I had gotten home from brunch and I was getting ready for my lil McNoodle to come over. It was Shane's Bday on Mon (Happy Bday Big Bro) so him and Tam were going up to Park city to stay the night they were dropping her off at 2:30. Well when I got home from brunch I thought I would throw the ball for the babies outside so they weren't so hyper when Makena arrived. 

So when I walked in from throwing the ball. I had a lil wheeze/gurgle so I coughed and out came blood... My first thought was not again!!! This time however was a lot worse it wouldn't stop. I kept having to clear my airways and I couldn't stay on top of it so I called my mom and had her hurry over to get me to the ER. She was just leaving so she came right over. (She lives across the street from me) I was SO scared and so upset cause I just wanted to watch Makena so we grabbed what we needed and hauled a#$ to the Er. My mom passed a cop on the opposite side of the freeway so she started to slow down I told her to keep hauling a#$ because if we got pulled over they would just get us there faster. I called my Dad to get over to my house so he could watch Makena so Shane and Tam wouldn't have to cancel and I didn't want them to be upset so we fibbed and just said I needed to run up to the U for a med. I don't think they were falling for it but they dropped of Makena and were off. 

Mean while the blood finally stopped about 10 min away from the ER, my sats were still low so I decided maybe I better just go anyways and at least get a chest x ray. I walked in and said I needed O2 they check my sats and they were hovering around 87 so this got me right in a room. So we all know how long an ER stay can be they did an x ray and they wanted to rule out a clot so they ordered a ct scan with a dye. Well the dye is hard on the kidneys so I had to have 2 bags of fluid one before and one after the dye which couldn't go thru the "Thipple" so I had to get a iv in my arm. They ruled out a clot and I wasn't coughing up anymore blood so they sent me home.

I got home and I was exhausted and it was Makenas bed time so we hit the rack! Oh yeah and Shane and Tam found out, the gig was up but I tried to explain I just didn't want them to worry and have fun. 

My mom was also going to spend the night but I told her we would be fine. Well Osc was acting so weird. He didn't sleep at all and was shaking his head and scratching at his collar the whole night so I was up with him and at 4:30 am when I went to check on him his eye was completely swollen shut. He was obviously allergic to something so I gave him a benedryl he was still acting so weird and wasn't sleeping so I sat with him for the rest of the night at 6 am I finally called my mom who panicked thinking something was wrong with me. I told her it was Osc this time and that I needed to stay with him so I wanted her to come over to sleep with Makena just so she wouldn't fall out of the bed or get scared. So my Mom came over and I slept in the other room with Osc and Lills. Around 8 we woke up and Osc still was acting weird but his eye was not as swollen. So around 10 Mon morning I decided I better take him in. So I packed up Makena and Osc and poor Lills was not sure about staying home alone. Osc had hives and was not getting better so the vet thinks he got stung by a bee. He has been stung by a bee once before and had an allergic reaction to it that time as well. He got 2 big shots and has to take an antibiotic, he has 3 bites on his lil body. I feel so bad for him. Shane and Tam came and got Makena around 2:30. as soon as they left it was nap time for me and the babies we were all exhausted. Mon night we celebrated Shanes 31st Bday at MaCools a lil Irish pub. I was so tired and now in a food coma after my huge portion of Shepherd's pie :)

So I left a lil early so I could get back to Osc finish my Meds and get to bed. So it was a crazy 24 hours. 

We are both on the mend, Osc is still a lil paranoid he watches his every step on the look out for either a bee or a spider. I am a lil on the exhausted side and have been taking it easy. My CF doc called and said that he thinks I may have just popped a blood vessel again, it was definitely a scary feeling. The good news is from the last CT scan and x rays I had there seems to be no CF changes. That is always a good thing!! 


Cindy said...

What a rough day! I am thankful you had no CF changes to your xray, and hopefully you won't have any more problems. I can imagine how scary that would be.

Glad you are both feeling better!

The Cliftens said...

How scary Som! I am glad you are okay!! And Osc too.

Heidi said...

Awww Somer! I HATE coughing up blood. It is the worst feeling i've ever had. It always seems to happen at the worst time. I'm glad it stopped.

Sorry Oscar had an alergic reaction the bee. Roxy has been bitten by those GIANT red ants, we had them in Reno (you probably have them in SLC). She swelled up too. Poor girl.

My parents dog, Mocha, has a severe allergy to bees. She throws up and kind of slumps over. It's scary. But, what does she do....CHASES BEES!

I hope you are all okay now!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow girl that was a scary 24 hours for sure! I hope you get the rest you need and have a nice Easter.

Christy said...

WOW girl! All in 24 hours too!!! How about laying off the drama for awhile (tell Osc the same thing)!

I'm SO glad you are ok, and your CF doc gave you some reassurance!

Jen said...

Wow...that's a lot to deal with! I am glad you and Oscar are doing better...take it easy will ya! :)

Kellee said...

Holy Jeeze!!
Im glad you 2 are OK..
Behave for the next little while!! You are caught up on you share of CF scares ;)

Graciy said...

I am so thankful it wasn't anything to horrible! I can't even watch movies were people cough up blood beause I always think of Josh. It is awesome that your family is close by. It must make it a lot easier :o) take care of yourself and those adorable pups of yours.

OceanDesert said...

What a day you had! SO glad the blood stopped. It does always seem to happen at the worst time and is ALWAYS scary.

Hugs to the pugs...

Rest up, cysta!

Sharlie Kaltenbach said...

Somer!! Just catching up on blogs after my trip to AZ and I was NOT happy about this!! Crazy day, thank goodness the bleeding stopped...scary. And poor little Oscar, keep us updated! Sending lots of love your way. REST!! Love, shar

Erin said...

Whew. What a day! I hope you and Oscar are feeling better and resting up.

Mistie said...

HOLY MOTHER!! I need to read your blog more often to get updates. How scary is that?! I know how excited you were to keep her - so that is so crappy that all happened. I am glad to hear though it is all good now. And poor Osc! You really know what it is like to be a mommy and stay up all night with your babies! I hope you are now caught up on your sleep. Love ya!