Monday, April 13, 2009

How many boxes will it take?

Allergies, Sinuses, green boogs Oh my!!!!!  I know TMI but ugh!!! Spring has sprung and it is worse then its ever been. My nose is like a faucet, I have blown it more then I can count today. 
I am doing everything under the sun to keep it under control so I don't get a sinus infection. Well at least I think I don't have one yet. However, I'm not going to lie there are some green lil monsters coming out with the help of my netti pot.

So far my regime consists of:
* nasonex in the am and pm
*Allegra D in the Am 
*sudafed around 3pm and before bed
*Gargling with Apple Cider Vinegar plus drinking a Tbl spoon 3x a day
*upped my USANA
*netti pot in the am and pm one pot per nostril
*my olive leaf nasal spray every 2 hours
*olive leaf throat spray am and pm
*cleaning my ears am and pm with a teeny bit of hydrogen peroxide

Ok so I think that about covers it. Anyone have anything else I can add? My eyes are watery and I am sneezy too. I think I may take a Benedryl before I hit the rack tonight. I told ya everything under the sun :)

Thanks for all the Easter wishes and well wishes for Oscy and I. He took the last of his antibiotic yesterday and his 3 bites are healing the one on his leg is the worst but he is on the mend. 

I was good until these allergies started.

I did get some peeps and I tried freezing them best thing EVER!! I gobbled them all down!


Heidi said...

Maybe time for some Zyrtec? Or Singulair. I actually take both now. I have tried TONS of allergy meds. I do nasal sprays occasionally, but I find systemic meds help more.
I hope you nose "turns off" soon.

I was going through this here in Vegas about 3-4 weeks ago. UGH!

Somer Love said...

O yeah my Allegra D and sudafed better add those to the list :)

Cara said...

I <3 Zyrtec. The combination of that, 8432327189X the daily dosage of vitamin C, and my sinus rinse has helped keep my allergies under control so far this spring. Hope the booger monsters decide to stop partying in your nose soon, cyster!

Jamie said...

Hey sicky!
Sorry you're nose is running away with you. That is never fun. I have missed chatting with you...I check your blog daily though - keeping track of how your doing....not so good right now, but with spring allergies comes summer!! Look forward to that and day after day of nice weather to ride your Vespa! Good Luck!

Formerly known as Frau said...

OH! The is some mix of remedies, I hope you avoid a sinus infection.

CrazyMonkeyHouse said...

Someone else that netis! David and I have been doing it twice a day for years, although he is able to do stage 2 whereas stage 2 makes me feel like I'm about to drown! I'm so happy to hear that others use this excellent sinus care method!

Christy said...

Zyrtec does wonders for my daughter's allergies. That and singulair.

Does sudafed not keep you awake at night. I can't give it to Casey after 4ish.

Hope you feel better soon. Sinus rinses are the best thing!!!

holly said...

Wow you have been busy! Poor little Osc those bugs are mean! Savanna got way sick this past week and Kenzie was concerned so I told her that Savanna had a mean bug in her belly that was making her sick. She said,"Savanna swallowed a lady bug!" . So I'm not sure what is worse swallowing or getting bit!
Hopefully your allergies get better, it doesn't help that you have those nasty smelling trees lining your street, but they sure are pretty:)

Kellee said...

Somer!!! You are holding out on me...what is all this goodness you speak of???
*upped my USANA?
*my olive leaf nasal spray every 2 hours
*olive leaf throat spray am and pm
*cleaning my ears am and pm with a teeny bit of hydrogen peroxide

Share Share Share this seems like a whole lotta goodness...and I can already see M cussing me under his breath =)

Sad to say I cant suggest anything for have all my suggestions plus some!!

Anonymous said...

I've already considered buying stock in Kleenix :)And I agree,sinus rinses are great!

Erin said...

Oooooh, we like to call them ubergoobers here! Stay healthy!!!

Graciy said...

Josh just started using the nedipot and I know Kellee and Mike love ACV. I can't think of anything else you could do. You seem to be doing it all.