Friday, December 18, 2009

4 shipping days left...

Wow I can't believe it's Fri... This week has flown by.

I had my 3 month follow up appt from the joint on Mon. I blew a 37 so one point less than when I was discharged. So not bad but as you all know not my on going five year goal now of 42. So I came home and started the "42 will come true" Challenge. So I jumped on the treadmill for 30 min and its been about 2 months since I have been on it well I think I over did it. I popped a blood vessel again. So I have been dealing with that nasty taste of metal and streaking this week. The twins have still been bleeding a lil so I got on a high dose of Vitamin K to try and stop it and today it finally did... (knock on wood) So I am taking it easy til Mon and then balls to the walls right Ronnie? ;)

On top of all that I live in Smog Lake City! Holy cow the air in Utah is horrendous gotta love that Valley living. It is so bad right now. I am currently on house arrest which makes Christmas errands impossible, oh well I only have a lil more to do. The twins are a lil sore from all this particulant matter floating around.

The babies also had a vet appt to get some spots looked at. Lilly had a mass cell tumor 2 years ago and had to have a chunk of her removed so I try to stay on top of that. Osc had a tumor removed and Lills had a biopsy done on one of her spots and they are both cancer free! YAY!!!

I am so excited I have some good news to announce next week so stay tuned. Christmas is coming early for me :)

I have had some fun Christmas parties this week and getting together with friends I haven't seen in a while. Last night all my college roommates got together for dinner. It was so fun Thanks Nat again for all your planning!

I hope you all are enjoying your family and friends because really that is what this season is all about!



Katelyn said...

Show those lungs who is boss!

The Cliftens said...

You are very welcome for planning. Seeing you twice in one week was a dream come true. :) Love you lots!!! Hope the air gets better soon so you can get out of the house! xoxo

Cindy said...

You will hit that goal of 42, Somer! Glad that you got the bleed under control. Take it easy, then enjoy Christmas! Can't wait to hear your surprise! Merry Christmas from me & Rei!!!

Misha said...

I know you'll hit your goal! You can do it! I am hoping to buy me a treadmill in January so I can work my lungs. I have a goal of my own I'm working towards! Good luck!
God Bless

Afton said...

Glad you furbabies are healthy :)

Mistie said...

hi som-
glad you stopped bleeding...take it easy friend. that stinks. so great to hang out the other night. you looked amazing. Merry Christmas! Cant wait to hear the good news!