Monday, September 6, 2010

a lil bit of everything

Ok fall is in the air... I can't believe summer is over :(

Some things that have been going on...

~ FOOTBALL season is upon us!!! :) Yahoo GO UTES AND CHARGERS!!! I went to the opening game for the UTES what a game we played PITT and they were ranked 15 and we were ranked 24 it was a close game. Actually it was a nail biter... ahhhhh! But we pulled it out. That's right the UTES won! Woop Woop

~OKTOBERFEST So much fun!! Went with my Fam and Rickis fam. Its up at snowbird which is about 7900-11000 ft high. The higher elevation is a lil tough on the twins for me so had to bust out EVY aka the EVERGO. He treated me well tho and kept me satting around 92 on 2 1/2 liters. I prob could of turned it up even more being that my heart rate hovered around 120 resting. I was a lil nervous being that it was my first public outing on o2 well minus the airports. Of course there were head tilts and people staring, but I just waved and smiled at them and said hi ;) It was a great time and I just love seeing Ricki and Somer part 2 aka Makena and Roise... they are so cute together.

~Everything princess!!!

~Started Aztreonam... I mean Cayston I think I will always call it Aztreonam. Feeling a lil slugish so hopefully this will whip those lil mucus monsters into shape, because I definitely GOT MUCUS! I think maybe there should be a CF calendar kind of like the old GOT MILK adds but instead GOT MUCUS... I think it will go over really well ;)

~The babies are good I take Lills back in this week to get another spot checked I am praying its nothing So please send her positive thoughts. I found it literally 10 min after getting her home from getting her stitches out from the last surgery. My heart just sank but I am so hoping its just a mole.

~I didn't win the surf contest with but they asked if they could put my video on their website so I'll let ya know when they put that on there.

~I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor day weekend!! Xo


Formerly known as Frau said...

So happy fall is in the air, love the Oktoberfest at Snowbird. It's cooler here but tomorrow is another story!

Emilee said...

Got Mucus would totally be a hit. You should head it up:) Im glad you have been having so much fun and hope this round of Cayston can kick you back into shape.

Jamie said...

We had "Got Mucus" on the back of our Great Strides team shirts this year! Everyone got a kick out of it.