Thursday, September 30, 2010

Done & Done!! Love a finished project.

~I am the proud owner of world's largest chalkboard... I have been wanting to paint a wall in my basement for quite some time now. Well I finally finished it on Sun. It looks so great! You can tint the paint to be any color I used a slate grey. I love it! I can't wait for Makena to try it out. Needless to say my back and arms are still sore! dark colors are a pain to paint!

~Lilly got her stitches out on Mon. Yay!! She is stitch free!!

~I had clinic on Mon, Pfts were about the same. I feel I am on the fence of still feeling good and a possible 2 wk stint in the joint, so for now we are just staying on top of things. I feel fine just have lots of mucus TMI I know ;) Anyways I go back in 2 wks to blow again and see where I am at.

~The UTES are on FIRE!!! We had our homecoming game last Sat we won 56 to 3 WHAT??? Were we even playing another team ?!? ;)

~I am in charge of a roundtable for CF parents night next week and am still brainstorming some ideas. I want to make my roundtable interactive any ideas for me. I def want to do something where they can put their name in a drawing for one of my paintings. I figure the best beneficial thing would be for the parents just to ask me questions so I'll do that for sure but want to do something else too...

~Seriously?!?!? Its not even Oct yet and I am seeing Christmas decorations everywhere C'mon retail world stop rushing life! Enjoy the moment! GOODNESS!! I need to start thinking of good Halloween costumes I saw this it could be a possibility. Oscar could be the taco and Lills and I could be Hot sauce or something.... well it's not set in stone ;)

~But seeing this Christmas stuff gets me brainstorming Christmas cards... I am running out of pic ideas for me and the babies... any ideas for me on this one? 

Ok well thats a lil recap of what has been going on in  my world... Been crazy busy around here but Busy is good! Hope you all are enjoying Autumn! Xo


Heidi said...

I hope you start feeling better without a joint visit! I LOVE chalkboard paint...but boy it takes a lot of coats! I did an old window recently...I have a friend with a wall in her kitchen with chalkboard paint. It's so fun!

Mistie said...

cant wait to see your chalkboard and hear how it works and how mackena likes it.
love the taco costume idea... :)
hope you start feeling better gsb!

Aimee said...

I hope that mucus clears up with out a stint in the joint!

I think we are going to try chalkboard or magnetic paint in our office. I am so excited :)

Love you Cys!

Jamie said...

I discovered chalkboard paint when I designed a parade float for my acting school which included a SUPER HUGE scene clapper! Chalkboard paint could quite simply be one of the most amazing inventions! :) Your niece will LOVE it. . .what a fun aunt you are!

Hope your PFT's are better in a couple weeks, but it's good to stay on top of infections! Best of Luck.