Monday, December 6, 2010

Out but not out and about

Well I got out last thurs from the joint, I knew it was coming... So I went in, and was on a new floor entirely this time. Since the last time I was in the hospital the hospital had moved the CF wing. So I wasn't sure what to expect. The first day I got there I was in a temporary room until a patient was discharged from the princess room ;) Well thats my kind of room... they must of heard about me ;)

So the theme this year was Thanksgiving/My 1/2 Bday, I was in there on Thanksgiving and this year my 1/2 bday happened to be on Thanksgiving. So we decorated accordingly which confused a lot of the staff. But I think I have convinced about 10 people to start celebrating their 1/2 birthdays. ;)
See Libby Lou on the chair she's my pillow pet that Canz and Mistie brought up to me... I brought her home and Lilly and her became fast BFFs, so much for Libby Lou being mine. Lilly carries her everywhere its so cute.

I had an AMAZING view, here are some pics of that. Look beyond the plantation blinds... it really was a nice room, marble sink, full fridge and freezer.

All of the staff was so wonderful and complied to all my crazy strict germ a phobe rules while I was in there. I did have some crazies in the room next door and even had a prisoner that was shackled to his bed. Yep, I was sleeping next to a inmate in there. He had 2 full time guards at one time and granted he was shackeled down, but it was a lil intense. Not very many people can say they spent the night a room away with from a prisoner.

Since I have been home I have been on house arrest. Our air has been the worst in the nation for the last 4 days. Its so thick you can taste it and you cant see very far in front of you. It was putting a damper on my view while I was in the joint.

Yep the above shows we are the worst in the nation with California in second place

The air was a lil better today so I got out for a couple of hours but came back home to my O2. Last night my resting heart rate was 140. So I am taking it easy so that my stint in the joint can last me a long time.

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday hustle and bustle, be safe!! Xo


Jenny Livingston said...

Um... I thought you were kidding when you called it the "princess suite", but holy geez! Looking at those pictures, I wouldn't even guess it was the same hospital. Way to go, lady! Glad you're home and doing well.

P.S. You're right. The air here is beyond NASTY!

Amanda Bowen said...

I am happy that you are out of the joint but had a positive experience. Hopefully, the air gets better so you aren't too confined to the house. You are amazing.

Emilee said...

So glad you are home and hope that you can get out and about soon to enjoy the Christmas season. Here's to another year or more out of the joint:)

Mistie said...

oh, i am so sorry somer you have to deal with house arrest after the hospital. yuck! of course we have to have the worst air here, huh?!! hang in there my friend. i am happy that libby has so many fans at your house. at least she isn't getting pushed under the bed. :)
i will try to come visit you sometime if i am in the area. take care!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I'm glad your out of joint, your neighbor in the joint kinda funny that he really was from the joint! Scary too! Sucks about Utah air they need a good snow storm. We are getting dumped on holy crap I have never seen so much freaking snow! Hope you get out to run to "bucks" soon! Take care xo

Jamie said...

WOW! That's a pretty sweet setup. Makes being in the hospital a 'little' easier anyways. :0)

Katelyn said...

I'm glad you got to go home and sister friend, that was a NICE room!

Christine said...

It was good to see you while you were in! I think I celebrate my half birthday around your birthday! =) I hope this yucky air goes away soon!

life in red shoes said...

My daughter had the room next to you when she was is the joint about.....9 years ago? No CF.
It was spring, crappy weather, but your room was all decked out in pure loveliness! I'll never forget it:)
Wishing you a Happy Holiday and some clean air to enjoy it!

The Ross Retreat said...

Wow love the pictures, and wow I was the lucky night nurse to take care of you that visit. Hope you are doing well. Miss you Lisa