Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Helpful tips for after admission

Today I was talking to a friend and telling her some things I do after admission that I think help keep me out of the joint. These tips seem to work for me but remember we are all different. So I thought I would share them and blog about it...

~After I get home I start up on Tobi or Cayston even if I am not due to start. I feel it maintains all the hard work the IV drugs just did. Make sure you talk this tip over with your Doc first. It's always good to make sure you guys are both on the same page for a good after admission game plan.

~ I also change out anything that came in contact with mucus membranes... Most likely you had an infection before you went in so no sense of re infecting your self. It can get costly so If getting all new is not an option definitely sterilize what you were using.

*Bar of soap in shower
*O2 tubing
*nasal sprays
* If you do a thera pep or Pep mask or a form of airway clearance that you constantly blow into.
* sinus rinse bottles
*For Infants or young children you might want to replace pacifiers

*ALL pari jets or nebs
*Sheets/pillow cases, towels etc.
*O2 filter
*ALL make up brushes
*For infants or young children Really scrub bottles, nipples, and sippy cups

***helpful hint***
When touching all the old/dirty stuff I always wear gloves

This is all I can think of off the top of my head. Is there any tips that you guys do that we should add to the list? I would love to know!


The Halls said...

Thanks Somer! I also deep clean my house....on of the things I do is, walk around with Lysol wipes and clean light switches...and anything I may have touched...

Nikki Jones said...

I hadn't even thought of changing out and sterilizing things after Spence gets home from the hospital - good tips!!! I think we'll pick up on some of them! Thank youu much :)

Christine said...

This is a very good list of things! I love it! Thanks a ton!

Jack Phillips said...

Rest, rest, rest. Part of my going in the hospital is that my doctor wants to slow me down. Take an extra few days after the hospital from work if possible and just lounge. Do your treatments regular, but take some extra naps and eat a ton. Food is the big kicker for me (and anyone with CF) get some energy from fatty 5 guys burgers or whatever your preference is. Get some movies or a good book and rest. It takes a lot of energy getting better.

itsahalesofalife said...

Thank you for the tips!! This is so helpful!!

Kati said...

Good ideas Somer! Anytime any of us are sick in our home (I even try to do this weekly to help keep us healthy) I always go around and lysol spray all door knobs/handles, light switches, phones and remotes. Cell phones are so dirty I always wipe mine with alcohol swabs. Any bags etc. that I couldn't wash and had been in the hospital when Ben was there I just sprayed them with lysol. We always remove our shoes when we enter the house. I have even lysol sprayed the bottom of shoes after clinic visits. Nothing beats the large costco 3 pack of commercial grad