Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well I took Lills in for her 4th cancer surgery yesterday... When she got home she was acting a bit like some of Snow Whites lil friends.

She had 3 spots to be removed this time and I caught them all early enough that they didn't have to cut to much out, mostly just punched out the spots. So that was good news, the other good news is she was only sedated. However.....

I brought her home and she was not happy with me in fact she wanted NOTHING to do with me. My heart was so hurt I felt so bad. She was also VERY sleepy when I brought her home. Sleepier then she has ever been before even sleepier then the time she was put all the way under. Needless to say she was out of it staring at the doggy door and staring out the window, I'm guessing it would be something similar to a bad trip, not real sure but I think you get the picture she was dopey sleepy. For all those that want to witness the saddest thing ever definitely press play on these videos.

Today she loves me again and can't get enough of me. She even got jealous this morning of me spending sometime with Oscar. My Lills is back!!! So now today when I watch the videos I may or may not laugh a teeny bit. They are so sad but so funny. The poor girl would not lay down only just sit there and stare into outer space.


OceanDesert said...

Aw! hope she's feeling better tomorrow!!

Dana said...

Poor girl! Its so sad and a little funny when she just topples over. Wishing a speedy recovery!