Monday, September 12, 2011

Buzz worthy


After 32 years of escaping the black and yellow creatures I got stung! You all know my worst fears are bees and spiders, well I went down screaming and in a huge panic. *** Note*** when I say bees this includes wasps, yellow jackets etc. I do think it was more of a wasp that got me considering there was no stinger.

The lil bastard guy was stuck in my leg and I screamed to get him, out lets just say I went into panic mode not knowing if I would be allergic. Apparently tho its the second time you get stung you have to worry about. UGH!!!! I did have a lil bit of a reaction tho so after popping 2 benedryl the site was still red and throbbing. Today 5 days after it is black and blue and under the actual red dot there is a welt. Let's just hope I can go another 32 years without this happening again. Those lil buggers hurt and I am pretty sure I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Below is the pic I took last night it looks much better.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


Formerly known as Frau said...

ouch! Sorry that sucks....Craig was stung over a week ago on his knuckle and his finger still hurts! Bastards I hate them! Happy Monday too!

Mistie said...

holy crap Som! that looks painful. No wonder you are so terrified of getting stung. Sorry my friend. Ouch!