Monday, September 26, 2011

Sting Gone Bad

Day 1 after the lil bastard got me 

 Day 3 I thought it was looking pretty good just some bruising

Day 7 some weird red lines showed up didn't think to much about it

Day 8 woke up to it being red beginning to think this was not normal healing process but it's my first time being stung I had no idea.

Still Day 8 My Doc instructed me to go to the ER fearful it was Cellulitis. Sure enough I was diagnosed with a cellulitis infection and had to be on 2 very strong abx. If it went out of the line I was suppose to head back.

Day 9 I didn't head back because it still hadn't been 24 hours and the abx need at least that to start working so I watched it closely and applied heat to it, all while being bored out of my mind with my leg elevated. Utah beat BYU 54-10 this day so that helped with the healing process I believe ;)

Day 10 getting better there is some neosporin on it so it looks gross

Day 11

Day 12 went and showed my Doc today he said it's on the mend but to keep watching it went back home for my last day of elevation.

Day 13

Day 14

I stopped documenting after day 14, today is day 19 and its SO much better all that's left is a lil bruising and the hole scab where the stinger went in. Let's hope I can go another 32 years without being stung again... GEEZ!!!!!

Good news is it's almost winter where we get a nice lil break from anything black and yellow.
Happy Mon everyone! :)


Emily Schaller said...

Nice arm.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Seriously can't believe how it affected you! I hope you go another 32 years too. They have been so aggressive here you know winter is around the corner.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Jamie said...

WOW! That is crazy. I have honestly never seen a sting do that to anyone. . .I am glad you ended up being okay and that it is healing.

Dana said...

I've never seen anything like that before - WOW! Glad its getting better!!

Aspiemom said...

Wow, that's awful, Somer. I've heard of cellulitis but hadn't seen it before. I know what you mean about keeping your leg up. I've had mine up for 1 wk now and have 3 to go, then hopefully I can bend it. Bored, bored, bored! And my butt is sore! lol

Mistie said...

no wonder you are so frightened of bees. holy crap! Sorry...poor girl.
Happy we got together btw. :)

Amy said...

That was one mean bug! I'm glad the antibiotics worked. It's nice to see that you also used holistic healing methods ;).