Tuesday, October 4, 2011

7 year itch

Sad, Sad, Day last Wed I went to flush my Thipple like I do every month. My Thipple for those of you that don't know is my portacath my permanent IV in my chest, hence the name Thipple for third nipple ;)

Well it wouldn't flush.... Surprisingly I was calm. So I pulled the needle and got out another kit and did all the steps over again and inserted another needle, still nothing. Surprisingly still calm too.

So I headed up to the hospital and I figured it just needed some TPA which is what can clear any clots but I have never done this before. So the sweet nurse took out my needle and reinserted another one she missed and went into the tissue... ok not calm any more I had some tears welling up. She insisted it was fine and this sometimes happens so she inserted another needle yes this is poke number 4 but who's counting. Finally she was in but so was I two pokes ago but she was just making sure which I totally understood so she got some saline to go through it and it stung and was VERY uncomfortable. So she called in some back up, they all decided I needed to go to IR to get some pictures and run some dye through it to see what the problem may be because it could be leaking cause it's old. (sigh) Okay more tears welled up, I just kept looking at the ceiling heaven forbid one fall down my cheek ;)

Let me also remind you that I treat my port like it as is fragile as spun glass. I flush it every month I NEVER let them draw blood from it and I always make everyone glove up if they are going to be doing anything that involves my Thipple.

So I headed to IR and right away there were some concerns... gulp! Apparently it moved somehow and instead of the line going straight across my chest it is all wavy and the tip of it is stuck in the vein against the wall of it or in another superficial vein not allowing anything in or out. It's a 1 in a billion chance this can happen but I know 2 others that this has happened too, so I am thinking that figures are a bit off ;) or all 3 of us need to head to Vegas with those odds ;)

So I am sad to report my Thipple is no longer working. RIP!!! I have had it for almost 7 years they say that's a long time and I was hoping for 10 but maybe Thipple #2 can go 10, it's always good to have a goal. I have a clinic visit on the 10th and if I have to be admitted then we will remove and replace it then. If I don't go in then well not sure maybe just remove it for now or wait I guess we will have to discuss all that on the 10th.

The sweet nurse from the infusion clinic called me the next day to see how I was, she really was SO great. I will have to take them cookies or something on the 10th. So thats the story of my Thipple and the 7 year itch ;)

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!


Here's a pic of me and My Thipple 


Formerly known as Frau said...

Sucks! I hope everything goes well on the 10th! Keeping you in my thoughts.....((hugs))

preppyplayer said...

Well Somer, everyone has two nipples. So I guess now you will have two thipples!

You are a pro at this.

Think of you often and know everything will get better because you work at it! You never take anything for granted.

Mistie said...

Love u. Love that picture of u. And I am so sorry about mr. Thipple. Ughhh. What a pain. Atleast, like u said, u have kept it healthy and strong for 7 years. Hang in there on the 10th.

Jen said...

I had my first port for 7 years too. They took it out when I had my tx last year because since it was so old they thought it could be a source of infection. I too got a new one and its in the same spot as the last!! Mine isn't on my chest its on my side where my bra strap covers it....I LOVE it there and wouldn't have it any where else the only thing is I cant access it myself cause I have to lay on my side but I don't mind that! Good luck with getting your new thipple! :)