Friday, October 28, 2011

Forever my Lil Star!

Again I write with a broken heart... I received some very shocking news last Sat the 22nd. My Lil Cys Astra received her wings. She didn't lose her battle to CF she simply crossed that CF finish line. To me fighting every day and overcoming challenges doesn't qualify you as losing any battle. So I prefer saying she crossed that CF finish line. You think it would get easier for me but it actually just gets harder and harder losing my friends to CF. However, the bond we share is greater than any thing I can describe, I wouldn't change it for the world. I believe it's better to love and lost than not love at all, my Cysters mean the world to me. These hard times give me more drive and fight to kick CFs A**!! Actually CF doesn't stand a chance, you don't mess with my friends!!!

I have no words really, it's so hard to wrap my head around this. I just saw her on the 10th and she looked great and was doing awesome. She had just posted pictures from a Halloween party to face book last week, she was the cutest mad hatter EVER!! She looked great and was loving life. In fact Fri the 21st she was out with her friends til 2:30 am again enjoying life, because that is what she did always. To lose someone so unexpectedly is so shocking and so unreal. Click her to read her obituary

I have known Astra since she was 4, she was my Lil Cys. We hung out and I'd babysit her in the good ol days when we could hang out. Then the dreaded cross infection came into play and we saw each other less but our bond grew even closer through hospital stays and different procedures, good times and bad. I'd go to her drill performances and cheer her on as she danced her lil heart out. Her parents helped me celebrate my 30th bday, we were lifelong friends Cysters!

I know she is breathing easy now and for that I am grateful! She leaves behind quite the Legacy. The last couple days there has been so much love and support from everyone. She touched so many lives in her short 20 years than most people can in a lifetime. She was a gift to all who knew her, I am so lucky to have been her Big Cys.

Knowing Astra and Tiff are up there together makes me smile. I can only imagine the trouble they are getting into. I am honored that Astra is also wearing her Live,Love, Breathe necklace for all eternity, that too made me smile from ear to ear!

I love you Astra SO much, you  forever will be my Lil star! Breathe easy sweet Lil Cys. Know that you lived and loved beyond your years and now you can Breathe! I know you are dancing up there through the clouds!
Xo Infinity!!
Your Big Cys

Below is a pic that my friend and a CF mom Kristal Kennedy did for Astra 


Formerly known as Frau said...

Goose bumps and tears Somer...what an amazing girl...((hugs)) to you!

OceanDesert said...

What a wonderful friendship you shared for so many years... Sending my love!!!

Lissa said...

You are so brave, Somer!

The Halls said...

I didn't know that...oh that breaks my heart. She was so sweet and full of life. She'll be missed.

Sara said...

beautifully said- thanks for being such a great "cyster" to her!!! keep fighting!!!

Mistie said...

oh boy. just reading this made me teary. i am sorry som. she sounded amazing. so happy you guys had such a deep bond. but what a hard, unexplainable loss, i am sure. hang in there. love ya gsb