Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Perfect Day

August 10, 2012 I drove up to Logan with my friends Amanda and Ron to see Tanya get married. It was a beautiful day and she was a beautiful bride and she was so happy she glowed.

It was probably the happiest/saddest wedding I had been to. I am so glad that Tanya was able to have her special day with Jake it meant so much to her to be able to walk down that aisle.

Amanda, T and I 

Cysters... Stephany, T and I

The Happy couple and their first dance Jake picked her up for this one she was getting tired. 

Tanya teasing Jake with the cake

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Mistie said...

It is all coming together now as to why you were up in Logan! You are such a great supporter and friend Som.
I love her dress.