Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Airway Clearance

What is Airway Clearance?! Airway clearance helps loosen the sticky mucus from the lungs so it can be huffed or coughed out. Airway clearance helps CFers stay healthy and breathe easier. Clearing the airways also reduces lung infections and improves lung function, it is typically done after inhaled medications. There are many different forms of airway clearance and because every patient is so different, each technique works differently for everyone. I always do PepMask seen in this photo, combined with "Somergenics" 😉 which is my own technique combining 'Autogenic Drainage' and 'Active Cycle Breathing'. I basically take a variety of breaths at different levels in my lungs that moves the mucus up, so I can easily huff it out. I think everyone should learn how to huff cough it's saved my life many a times. I once choked on a gusher (fruit snack), and had no idea what to do, I kept huff coughing and finally with an extreme amount of force the fruit snack dislodged and flew out of my mouth.... this is just one of the many times CF has been a blessing in disguise. 😉 As a CFer gets older they will be able to tell what form of airway clearance works best for them. As always please feel free to share so we can make more people aware! 

Breathe out Love! Xo❤

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