Friday, September 18, 2015

Love To Breathe® Tokens

Today I went to a Starbucks in downtown Salt Lake to meet an amazing friend, so this wasn't my regular Starbucks. 

So I plopped my backpack on the counter as I was paying and my new friend Jon made a comment about having the same pin as me. I have pins on my O2 bag and I made one of my #LoveToBreatheTokens into a pin and there is only one like it, so you can imagine my confusion. 

So I asked him again while pointing to my token if this is the pin he was talking about... and apparently he doesn't have it as a pin, but he had just been passed one of my tokens. I was so shocked. So I pulled out a token from my pocket and smiled the BIGGEST smile ever and said, "its me... I'm the one that makes these tokens." Ha ha. I was literally so excited, and my mind was literally blown. Im pretty sure it's safe to say his mind was blown too. 

They are working guys!! My Love To Breathe® Tokens are being passed around. Jon at the downtown #Starbucks seriously made my day!!! If you're in the downtown Salt Lake area go visit Jon at the 600s Starbucks, you never know he may just pass on his token to you! 
Breathe out Love! Xo❤️




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