Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5 more days!

5 More days untl My bday..... But who's counting?

O ok Lilly and Oscar are..... although Oscar will have nothing to do with the clown hat and Lilly really didn't like it either but I was able to get a quick snap shot of her wearing it. She doesn't look to happy with me. So I had to give them a treat for letting me attempt to dress them up. 


Anonymous said...

I think that as their Mom they really need to let you dress them up more often. I'll call them and tell this to them. They should listen to their cousin. You'd hope at least!

Yay for 5 more though, what are you going to do???

Christy said...

How adorable is she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found your blog through Tricia and Nate's. I'm a fellow CFer and just wanted to say hi. I love connected with other CFers! You are beautiful btw!! :)