Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick Update...

It is cold here... Its not suppose to last but we will see. I held out as long as I could Sat night I finally turned my heater on had the fire going and was sippin some hot chocolate, I could not get warm for the life of me! Sun Morning woke up to a couple inches of snow. Yep Snow!! I could hardly believe it and they babies were not happy at all. 

  • Tanya got out of the Joint today!!! GO T I am so proud of you!!!!! She has been updating her blog with transplant pics so go check it out!

  • The Utes won on Sat!!! Woop Woop!! 7-0 We are undefeated! 

  • Chargers also had a great day on Sun!! Football season is so much fun!

  • Taste is less then a month away and we are sold out!! Which is so exciting !!! We are trying to finalize the program now and everything is going great! 

  • MADGE IS COMING UP TOO!!!! I can't wait to see her concert I have heard nothing but amazing things! She has out done herself once again! 

  • Got my flu shot today!!!!

  • I finally got the babies their halloween costumes they are so CUTE!! Pics will be coming soon!! so stay tuned for those! We had a photo shoot on Sat lets just say it was not as easy as some of our other shoots :) Gramma came over to help!
I think that wraps up what I have been doing lately!

Hope everyone is staying warm!!!!


Mistie said...

Hi honey bunches. i'm missing you. we need to go out. what about next week?
is TSL completely sold out, really?! cands and i were discussing to come but hadnt moved forward. let me know if there are any spots still open?! love ya gsb!

OceanDesert said...

My parents live in MT and they have over 3 FEET of snow!!! Yikes! Glad you got my note!! ... Oh, and I have been checking in on your friend Tanya... that is GREAT that she went HOME!! The only thing I couldn't get over is how no one was masked or gowned in the ICU! EVERYONE was ALWAYS masked and gloved when they had any contact with me the whole time I was in the hospital... interesting how different places have different protocols!

Aimee said...

SNOW!?!?! That's crazy! lol It's been in the 80's here the last couple days. But I would love some rain. And the air from these fires is disgusting =[

I am excited for Tanya! She is amazing.

And you reminded me I need to get my flu shot!