Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A fancy joint

Ok I have another Lil Cys who needs some get well cheer! Some of you may know my friend Christy Jobe Click on her name to read her blog. Well her lil girl Mackenzie is in the joint and boy is it a fancy one. Arkansas Children's Hospital, you can e mail patients and they will deliver the e mails right to their rooms. CLICK HERE to e mail Mackenzie Jobe. She sure would love it!!

Christy is updating her blog with updates. She had a bronch today and it went well. Pray for clear results and that they can figure out what is going on with her twins. Here our some pics of cute Kenz.

In her princess room... They had to wait for this but its a good one
On the roof of her fancy joint... So jealous! Soak up some good vitamin D Kenz! Kenz I'm noticing white coban over your PICC you might want to see if they have purple or pink ;)

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kw said...

Woah. That is a fancy room! Best wishes Mackenzie! :)