Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Ok so I know I have been so bad at blogging I just have been busy busy!!

So we all know my cute not so lil nephew popped out. I have been loving on him every chance I get he is absolutely perfect. He is already wearing 3 month onezies and didn't even fit into newborn diapers, NFL watch out!

Well while the fam was off to the joint poppin out River I got to watch Makena I had her wed night til Sat. Let me just say mother's day should be ever day. I don't know how you guys do it. Oscar and Lilly have never had more fun they love their cousin. Lills and Osc followed her every move and were so sad when they had to go to bed. Oscar slept right in the door way of my room he was her lil protector.

Wed night Makena made a big mess with all the dog toys so I told her to clean it up and if she did she could turn on my oxygen :) It worked! It was so cute we went to turn on my O2, my concentrator is in the basement so Lilly went down the stairs first then Makena would get to the stair Lills was on then Lills would go down a couple more and wait. It was so fun to watch the babies around Makena.

Makena was so good for me and honestly was a laugh a minute. The things she says crack me up here are just a couple;

Aunt Somer: Makena I am hungr should we make popcorn?
Makena: YES! But don't tell my Mom or Dad k It will just be our lil secret
Aunt Somer: Why can you not have popcorn?
Makena: Of course I can

Before the shower
Aunt Somer: Lets go potty first
Makena: I don't have to go
Aunt Somer: Well let's just try
Makena: (as she points to the shower and tilts her head with a sly look) You know it's ok if I just go in there

In bed
Makena: Aunt Somer let's tell pooky stories ok ( pooky is spooky)

She uses Of course and actually all the time. She is SO funny! We had a blast we went to coffee and yogurt. Don't worry she had choc milk even tho she pretended it was hot coffee :)

I had to run and get more vitamins down at USANA and she fell in love with the waterfall in the lobby she thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We found a dandelion that you blow on and make a wish and her wish was that she could go to Aunt Somer's every day.... How cute is that it melted my heart.

Well I had a brilliant idea.. Thanks to Brooke I was able to borrow one of her old car seats so now I can pick up Makena and give Tam a break while she is on her busy feeding regime with River cause thats all he like to do. Eat and sleep!

Here are some pics from my time being mom...

We played Beauty Parlor

Oscar never left her side
We had Red Mango Yogurt she only liked the toppings
McNoodle lovin on Lills
Just playin.. her favorite thing to do even over watching Dora. Playing with the Babies
Getting sleepy
Oscar seriously couldn't get closer if he tried and he would just stare at her too funny
USANA water fall
Striking a pose.. Literally, I told her to pose like Madonna :)
Probably the saddest pic ever but this was Osc after Shane and Tam picked up Makena. he misses her.

I have some videos I'll post those later!
I hope everyone is enjoying your summer!!


The Cliftens said...

You are such a cute little aunt! BUt yes, definitely A LOT of work.

Ina in Alaska said...

What a good little Auntie you are!! Looked like so much fun! Somer, what a small world it is indeed!! You know our daughter Lizzie, the Frau and the Preppy too!! I have met Patty (Preppy) in NJ and she is just wonderful!!

xoxo Many hugs to you from Alaska!!

Unknown said...

How much did that little stud weigh when he was born?

My little brothers were 10lbs 7oz and 10lbs 11oz. All I can think is "my poor mom"!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Great pictures Auntie sounds like you are the best and fun aunt a girl could have. I love that the pups love her. Funny shot with her and Oscar starring.

kw said...

Sounds like a fun couple of days! She is soo cute! :)

niki36 said...

aww she is so cute! it looks like you had a great time together! i can't wait until my niece is alittle older and we can do fun stuff like that =)