Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I hope you have the most AMAZING day!
My cute friend Sarah wrote this poem... I thought it was perfect... I had to "somerize" it a lil tho.

I don’t know where to start this, So I guess I’ll use the start

The part where you had a sick baby, I know it broke your heart

All the medications, You had to make me take

The clapping and the enzymes, The strength you sometimes faked

Through my teenage years, I know I was a pain

Thank you for putting up with me, Though driving you insane

Every time you’d hear me cough, I know it would stop your heart

When I’d get an infection, It must have torn you apart…

Thank you for teaching me, That CF was not an excuse

And making me take my pills, When I tried to refuse

You are my CF momma, No words can explain

The strength you possess inside, That gets you through the pain…

To teach me to love others, As much as I love myself

And sometimes you taught me, To put my pride up on the shelf

I know sometimes you blame yourself,

For that gosh darned faulty gene

I want to know that I wouldn’t, Change it for anything

That gene made me who I am today

A strong amazing girl

I wouldn’t change one thing

About my CF world

I have met terrific people, I help doing an amazing thing

All because of that one, Gosh darned faulty gene!!!

Mom Thank you SO much for always being there for me I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life. I thank God for giving me you and Dad everyday!!! I am the luckiest girl I know!

Xo infinity!!!!



Mistie said...

Happy birthday to your cute mom! Loved the poem. But loved the pic of you two in your UTAH sashes. Was your mom Ms. Utah?! Love that Somer in that picture...the same smile that you still have. :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love it Somer I hope your Mom had a wonderful day. She is a one in a million Mom xo to all.

mom said...

My dearest daughter, I read your tribute poem to me on your blog. It made me cry, what beautiful poem, it is very precious to me!!! YES, it broke my heart everyday to know I was apart of doing this to you, in fact it still does. But I would never change a thing, You are very RIGHT because it made you the women you are today. You are the best inside and out and the personality that will not quit. I am so proud of you, I just sit back and say I am so lucky to be her MOM. Do you ever realize what you have brought and given to so many people. You have touched with love and encouragement to so many people. You are the 8th wonder in this world. I Love you soooo much. All I can say is "THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME SOMER" All my LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!