Friday, July 9, 2010

LOVE is a BATTLEfield

One of my besties Erika Michelle Maymi married Stanley Mac Battle 6~20~10 on Father's Day!

The wedding was beautiful definitely the wedding of 2010...

I was honored to be there the first day they met and was honored to stand up and be a part of the bridal party at their wedding. Erika was breath taking and in true Maymi form it was an unforgettable blast filled with so many memories to last a life time.

Love ya DIK! Xo

All the wedding peeps

Mariel and I ( Mariel is Erikas older sister aka the MOH maid of honor)

My mom and John and My Dad and I

The BLONDES of the bridal party Tangee on the R came all the way from the land of OZ

Striking a pose

Me and the Couple of the YEAR!

So you can see Erikas dress in full... So pretty!

Ricki's Parents My mom and John and Dad

My friend Erinn and I (This pic is VERY Thipplicious)
And it wouldn't be a Maymi function without a performance... During Mariels MOH speech which she killed BTW Amazing Job Mariel!!! The Maymi's had a lil something something planned.

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