Wednesday, July 28, 2010

***Patti Prince***


This month's Hero of Hope, Patti Prince, 28, faces the unique challenges of the chronic disease cystic fibrosis (CF) with determination and strength. Patti, who lives in New York with her husband and son, has a willingness to share her story, and offer support to others in similar situations, which makes her an inspiration to the CF community and beyond.

"Patti is a shining example of a Hero of Hope," says Ana Stenzel, Heroes of Hope Living with CF panel co-chair and CF patient. "Throughout her life she has shown resilience and determination to pursue her dreams. She has had to face difficult challenges in her life, but her positive attitude has brought her to where she is today. As a transplant recipient, she demonstrates compliance to her health regimen and gives back to the community with commendable mentorship of other CF patients facing the transplant journey. It is an honor to select Patti Prince as a Hero of Hope."

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Unknown said...

beautiful post!

Sydnee said...

Somer, you are so full of love...

Patti said...

Aww, I didn't even know that you did this! I wanted to see if my FB profile came up in a google search, and I found this little blog that you did on me when I was elected Hero of Hope. Thank you so much, Somer! You're quite the inspiration too with all you do!