Saturday, July 24, 2010

long day... with 4 really long hours

Lilly came home around 4pm. The surgery went well and the doc is hopeful for clear margins. Biopsy results come back next week and then she gets her stitches out in 2 weeks. She got her teeth cleaned too and then he also found another lil spot that he cut out so she is very sore.

She wanted nothing to do with me when I brought her home it was so sad it broke my heart...


She was so sleepy and still drugged she was fighting it bad but. 4 long hours later and 1 scrambled egg dinner she was fast asleep in my lap. She loves me again and can't get enough of me :)

We have been just taking it easy and keeping her quiet. Which is easier said then done she's a lil rock*

Thanks for all the well wishes and positive thoughts! Xo


agent99 said...

So glad she made it thru the surgery and is back home. It's always sooooo sad to see them after the anesthesia. Hope she is back to normal soon,

Formerly known as Frau said...

Poor Lils I hope today is a better day and the results come back with good news! Praying for no cancer! Hang in there !((hugs))

mistieleigh said...

what a trooper. she is so cute. and you are the cutest mommy ever!

Leah said...

poor lil' doggie!