Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Really Aug?!?!?!

Um where did July go? Wow I feel as if this summer is racing by. I am going to guess that I am not alone on this feeling.

I have been slacking on my blog posts. I need to catch up...

~Osc and Lills both had their yearly check ups in July I can't believe they are 6 & 7. All was good with both of them Osc did have a lil ear infection but it has cleared up. I started giving them both a lil bit of plain yogurt daily just to help keep them healthy, dogs need probiotics too ;)

"can we go now?" 

~I had a check up in July and seem to be maintaining. My Fev1 was a 33 which seems to be my new baseline but am hoping I can still blow higher, I guess I always hope to blow higher. What do they say reach for the moon you'll land on the stars? Something like that. Maintaining is key tho and I am doing everything I can and more to keep these twins in tip top shape. I started putting my treadmill at a incline when I walk on it, maybe this will help some it requires more o2 so its doing something! I do find my sugar levels get a lil low (well I am assuming I just get that feeling that they are) after my workout does this happen to anyone else? is that normal? I am not diabetic maybe a lil borderline but aren't all Cfers ;) they did say once I was hypoglycemic so maybe thats what I am feeling.

~Fireworks are finally over thank goodness. They were getting on my nerves a whole month of them is a too much in my opinion, and people were doing them at all hours. Ugh! The babies were not loving it either, they even slept by my bed a couple nights poor lil babies were scared.

Lills loving on her baby doll

~My friend Sharlie is going thru transplant evaluation she has been blogging about her days during the whole process. Click here to follow her blog. Any positive vibes, good ju ju, prayers whatever it is you may have she would greatly appreciate them.

~I discovered a new Ben & Jerrys ice cream flavor. LATE NIGHT SNACK! It is so yummy, it has vanilla bean ice cream with salted carmel swirl with choc covered potato chips. How amazing does that sound?! So far to date I have finished off 3 containers of it so I thought I better take a lil break Ha!

~ I have been swimming twice this summer where I actually have gone in the pool. I did just once last summer and then before that it prob was 4 years or so. It's my lil mermaid McNoodle she can make me do anything. She thought it was pretty cool that I could do a handstand in the pool. She's so cute and getting smarter every day, she is 5 going on 20. I can't believe she starts kindergarten soon, Riv is 2 now and won't say my name for the life of him, he's a stubborn one.

McNoodle wearing my sun hat

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are maintaining and staying stable! Oh my, Late Night Snack sounds awesome...I am so gonna try this!!

Mistie said...

LOVE the update.

Emilee said...

It has definitely gone way too fast! Nice job on the incline! I'm so glad you are doing well!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I know but I'm excited it's August I would much rather have fall than this heat and humidity! Try a banana after working out you know Banana the cure all! Have a wonderful day! Love the picture of McNoddle in your hat!