Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lung Flute Update...

Ok Ronnie here is your video.... It's really hard to video yourself. Could my eyes get any BIGGER? ;)

The Lung Flute reminds me a lot of the Flutter. I would say the Pep mask is still my very favorite tho. I don't like how long the flute takes to dry, but it does work. I use it every other day and I only use it for 1 of my 3 treatments. Its a good change to add to the mix.

Has anyone else tried out the Lung Flute? Would love to know what you thought.


Unknown said...

Love it!! I've been anxiously awaiting this video :)

I really like how surprised you looked the whole time!


OceanDesert said...

Is it me or does it sounds like you're 'fluffing??' ;)

Pretty cool device!!!!


Aimee said...

You look so pumped about it :)
I have clinic tomorrow night and I am going to ask them about it. I think it's time to change things up. The Vest just isn't doing much for me except for when I am sick and extra junky.

Anonymous said...

You play the 'flute' very well. You have a pretty voice. :)


Unknown said...

I just started using the Lung Flute for my COPD and like how it works. Instead of waiting for it to dry, I take it apart after I use it and wipe the reed dry with a kleenex. I dont reassemble it until just before I use it again. By that time the inside has usually dried out. I have also pushed a piece of paper towel through it with a thin dowel and that works to dry it out.

Asugi said...

I started using the lung flute about a month qgo for my COPD and bronchiectasis. It has brought up mucous I didn't even feel was there. I find it very beneficial.

frogholler said...

I have COPD and I've been using my neck muscles for a few years now to breathe without realizing it. I just received the flute and can't get it to work for me. All I get is a wheeze into it. I don't know how to start using my diaphragm again to breathe and no one has been able to help me.