Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She's a Genius!

I really want to buy Lilly a snuggie because she loves to burrow under all her blankets and loves to snuggle... so I thought it would be perfect for her. Oscar on the other hand doesn't like to be covered up at all. In the morning I will find Lilly under all 5 of her blankets, snug as a Pug!

This is what she has started to do with her blankets... She's a Genius! I guess I don't need to buy her a snuggie after all... gotta love that pug tail!




Leah said...

I love it!! She is a genius! What would we do without these little angels who bring smiles to our faces and joy to our lives every day?!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

now that is adorable!

Cara said...

Haha, that is so cute!!

Afton said...

Gotta love our furbabies ;)

OceanDesert said...

Ha! It's a "Puggie" :)

Market them.. now!

I saw a sign for a "lost black pug" on my walk with Bey today! :(


It's almost LOVE day!!!

Frau said...

So cute she is a genius! Sophie loves her snuggie!

Lissa said...

that was hilarious!

ashley whiting said...

So cute! Love,love,love pugs and all their personality :)

Aimee said...

Haha She is so cute!
They both are!