Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TOBI Time!

Well it's that time again.... Time to add TOBI into the mix. TOBI is an inhaled antibiotic that is used 28 days on and 28 days off, it helps keep pseudo at bay. I am so lucky that I am still able to use this it does make me bronchospasm a bit so some times I will use it 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. When I am not on TOBI I am on Aztreonam the drug that was finally passed earlier this week.

For those of us that are on TOBI know to prepare for long treatments, it can take anywhere from 30 -45 min... I have 4 inhaled meds in the am and 3 in the pm so it can make for long treatment times. I use this time to catch up on e mails, Face book , Blogging, Perez Hilton, basically its my time to be on the world wide web, I also like to get some reading in.

Here is Baby D doing her TOBI she is such a lil trooper! I remember when I was lil I could just fall fast asleep as soon as I started getting pounded.
What do you do during your treatments?


Piper said...

I used to sleep through my nebs too. Back then I had a mask neb that had a stretchy strap that went around my head, so it was hands free and i could do whatever I wanted: sleep, legos, color...the world was my treatment-time oyster!

Now I mostly use my computer or read. Lately it's been all about the Olympics for PM treatments!

Good luck with the TOBI.

Anonymous said...

I'm on tobi right now too, it does take so much longer...During nebs I always use it as my computer time. At least I don't feel like I'm wasting my time when I'm online :)

Jenny Livingston said...

Just last night I fell asleep doing TOBI. I used to fall asleep while doing the VEST quite regularly, but I've never fallen asleep doing nebs before. I asked my husband why he didn't wake me up and he said "YOU KEPT IT IN YOUR MOUTH, SO I FIGURED IT WAS OKAY..."

This morning was my last TOBI treatment this month, I'm just heading into my 28 days off... and SO looking forward to it. ;)

Aimee said...

I need to start TOBI too. Just waiting for it to be delivered.

I wish I could still sleep during treatments, ha ha.

I usually am on the interwebs as well. Lately I have also been doing homework.

The thing I hate about TOBI the most is getting up earlier on the days I have morning classes to fit my treatment in before I have to leave for class. I am so NOT a morning person!

Anonymous said...

When I do my breathing treatments, which are 4x daily, I'm always on here or watching TV.

I can no longer take Tobi, which I'm glad, because it wasn't doing anything for me. Just making me more wheezy and not able to exhale out more then half way, which is basically all I can exhale out anyways.

I us to read as well when I did my treatments.


Katey said...

I'm currently on my TOBI too. I've got about 1 week left. And yes, i remember when I was doing my other inhaled treatments and how I hated it taking so long. Luckily now it's just TOBI, although I do add Xopenex frequently. I'm usually on the computer like you catching up on emails, on facebook, etc.

Praying it doesn't cause too many bronchospasms for you this time!! Colistin did that to me before transplant.

And with regards to Aimee's post...i do the same thing...i forget sometimes that I have to get up earlier before classes to do TOBI. (especially since I'm not used to doing the other nebs).

OceanDesert said...

Can u believe I've never had a mask for my neb? How did that happen?

Anywho, only about 3 more days till I'm off Colistin :) It's really not bad though, takes 10 min maybe, but I sure enjoy those months of NO nebs..


Heidi said...

I always used to fall asleep when I was a kid. I have a hilarious picture that I need to dig up. I had the huge green neb in my mouth and huge earphones on...I must have been listening to Neil Diamond...because I loved him. I must have been about 5. So funny.

Right before transplant I would do my treatments while watching TV with my dad; 3rd Rock From The Sun and Trauma, Life in the ER!